How to Build a Workshop for Your Business

When it comes to industrial and commercial building construction, it’s important to ensure you get everything set up and built perfectly to meet your business needs. There are many important factors to consider when building a workshop, such as the size of the structure, the fixtures, the design elements, and the council regulations. This blog covers everything you need to know about creating the perfect workshop.

What Exactly Do You Need?

Before the design & construction process can begin, the first step is to plan what you’ll need for the build. Sit down and create a list of everything your ideal building would include. Do you need space for specific machinery, equipment, or tools? Consider whether any vehicles will be entering the workshop and how much space will be needed to manoeuvre safely. How many people will be using the building and for how long each day? What facilities do you need to include to cater for them? How much space do you have to build on? Knowing your site location is a huge advantage, as this has implications on the design and engineering style and costs. Each and every Coresteel building is custom designed to the owner’s exact specifications. No matter what your requirements are, we can help you get it done.

Design and Engineer

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you need for your project, it’s time to get the designs finalised. Coresteel’s online system Constructor allows us to quote pre-engineered and bespoke buildings in real-time. When your design is confirmed, our-in house team of architectural draughts people will detail your project. All Coresteel buildings are fully engineered to the highest standards by our team of in-house engineers. A signed producer statement (PS1) will accompany architectural plans for council lodgement.

Navigating the Rules and Regulations

Throughout the whole process of building your workshop, you need to be thinking about any council regulations that may affect your build, as well as the NZ Building Code. Having a professional on the team who understands the different construction regulations and standards in New Zealand can help you future-proof your infrastructure.

Manufacturing and Construction

Coresteel’s parent company, Donovan Group, custom manufacture all cold-formed steel sections and the larger DonoBeam sections in their Whangarei plant. Each structure is combined with fasteners, wall cladding, and roof cladding, before being dispatched thus reducing costs and improving efficiencies for you. The construction of your building will be managed by your fully trained local franchise operator. Customers are often surprised by the construction speed of our buildings, which is made possible by our patented Bracketless Portal system, DonoBeam systems, and our experienced construction teams.


Ready to Create your Dream Workshop? Coresteel Buildings Has You Covered

Strong, spacious, long-lasting steel sheds make for the perfect industrial workshops. Larger sections of steel combined with Coresteel’s exclusive Bracketless Portal and DonoBeam structural systems allow for vast interior space with no interfering of centre poles or braces enabling large industrial-sized vehicles and machinery to move in and out of the building with ease. If you are looking for a beautifully-designed workshop, contact Coresteel today.

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