Bracketless Portal System

Maximise your internal space with our Bracketless Portal System.

Our unique Bracketless Portal System is constructed using cold-formed flat Z450 galvanised coil. Created in 2005, this patented system has been designed for efficiency and appeal.

We understand that internal space is key for any business, and our in-house team of experts developed the Bracketless Portal System with this in mind. Our system allows steel columns and rafters to be nested together and directly bolted rather than being joined with a bracket. This allows for a stronger connection between the sections, as well as faster construction times and reduced labour costs.

shot of a large piece of steel framing

Generally, other cold-rolled structural systems will have a knee or brace strut to support the rafter sections. However, a knee brace limits the amount of usable space in a building which isn’t ideal for vehicle access or storage space. With the Bracketless Portal System, you can unlock more internal space and maximise your profitability.

In addition to more space, this system offers protection against birds and vermin. The angled shape of our bird-resistant purlins makes it impossible for a bird to perch on, preventing them from roosting in your building. And instead of using a bottom girt 300mm above the ground, we can incorporate a vermin girt to sit on top of the slab and tie it into the structure. The cladding on the exterior wall will come over the face of the vermin girt. With this unique profile, any vermin around will be unable to enter your building. The result is an easily maintained building that looks great for longer.

interior of a coresteel building

Plus, the innovative nature of the Bracketless Portal systems means we can create modern designs that are unique to every project. Over the years, we have produced a wide range of projects using the Bracketless Portal System, including retail stores, storage facilities, commercial company spaces and more.

Structural Points of Difference

Cross section diagram of a building built using Bracketless Portal System
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