Expand the possibilities of your building with DonoBeam.

DonoBeam is a tapered steel box beam—manufactured by welding two folded halves of steel plate together to form a box. It’s specifically tapered to reduce the steel needed for any design without reducing structural integrity.

Codeveloped in 2015 with BlueScope Steel, we have designed DonoBeam to withstand harsh New Zealand environmental conditions to protect your new building for years. The steel-saving design offers a more robust design solution (compared to cold-formed sections) for medium to large-spanning buildings and a lighter solution than hot-rolled sections. The result is a trusted product rapidly becoming the most efficient structural solution in the New Zealand market.

steel building with blue sky background

Alongside the significant cost-savings in steel, DonoBeam delivers high spans and greater design flexibility. We understand the value of unobstructed internal space, which is why DonoBeam structural steel beams boast economical and impressive clear spans to suit your business needs. This versatile metal box beam system can also incorporate various architectural or practical elements with a unique and distinct aesthetic to make your project stand out.

Due to its prefabricated structure, the entire frame can be assembled safely and quickly on the ground without on-site welding. This equates to less risk and time spent on-site, resulting in significant labour cost savings for you and your business.

donobeam steel structure

The innovative DonoBeam design uses less raw materials and is typically lighter, which results in considerable carbon-savings across the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

A 2021 Building 4.0 CRC study undertaken at Monash University in Melbourne evaluated the potential environmental benefits of the DonoBeam structures compared to traditional systems, using internationally recognised ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for environmental life cycle assessment.

DonoBeam presents an environmentally-conscious solution with up to 40% fewer carbon emissions when compared to conventional steel construction methods. This includes a reduction of up to 25% in steel emissions and up to 26% in transport-related emissions.

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Structural Points of Difference

Cross section diagram of a building built using DonoBeam
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