Multi-tenant Buildings

Are you looking for a versatile building that will suit multiple tenants? Here at Coresteel, we are known as experts in bespoke building solutions.

Our multi-tenant buildings offer space and built-in flexibility. These design features ensure you attract high quality tenants, increasing the rental yield for your commercial property.

Having worked with Kiwi businesses for over a decade, we know what you expect and it isn’t a stock-standard design. We understand that these types of buildings come in all shapes and sizes – creating options for tenants with different needs. Our specialised knowledge and experience means we can provide spatial building solutions that show you the best way to maximise every square meter of your site and retain long-term tenants.

multi-tenant office and workshop building

Flexible Designs for Every Project

Our buildings are built specifically to your requirements. Our exclusive portal systems—DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System—let us erect steel frame buildings of virtually any size without compromising structural integrity. Both systems allow for a vast interior with no interference from obtrusive braces, providing you with more usable space without the extra cost. And with several tenants operating under one roof, interior space is a priority.

We have a track record for speed of construction. Each steel structure is prefabricated at our NZ manufacturing plant before it is delivered to site, allowing for a fast and efficient construction process. Your tenants can move into your new space faster, increasing the cash flow from your rental yield.

multi-tenant office and workshop building

Help Your Business Grow: Get In Touch for Building Solutions

Does a multi-tenant building fit your business? Whether it’s solely for manufacturing, storage, office space or a combination of different business needs, Coresteel will design a custom-made solution for you. Get in touch with your local distributor today and start planning your new multi-tenant building.

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Multi-tenant Building Projects

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