Cutting Edge Innovation

We live and breathe innovation.

Innovative technology and cutting-edge products are shaping the future of construction, and we plan on leading the charge. Innovation has always been a part of our approach to building and this has led to new and more efficient ways to build since we launched into the market. 

We know your business needs are constantly changing. And in order to help you achieve more and to drive greater growth in your business, we know we need to grow too. As a result, we’re continuously evolving too and looking at age-old construction industry challenges through a lens of tech and innovation. You could say we’re problem-solvers with a thirst for innovation. “Better never stops.”

Our Products

Our key building products, DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System deliver unprecedented design freedom and long-lasting strength. These two portal systems are one-of-a-kind and were co-developed by Coresteel and Donovan Group after years of meticulous research and testing. In addition to flexibility, these systems offer benefits that include wider spans, more usable internal space and significant savings on steel, labour and construction time. 

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Our Technology

We believe that construction and technology go hand in hand. Our innovative design software, Constructor, lets your local distributor make changes to your project in real-time. With this software on your side, you can also take advantage of a simple, streamlined building process. The technology keeps our distributors up to date with every tick of the box and also offers you time-saving tools, so you can move into your new building faster.

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