Committed to our Environment

Discover how we’re accelerating change for good in the construction industry.

As a leader for smarter, innovative, and more sustainable buildings, we are dedicated to creating efficiencies that drive a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. By constantly innovating our construction methodology and products, we are creating pathways to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

Leading the Way

Currently, the global construction industry is directly or indirectly responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions*. At Coresteel, one of our key catalysts to reduce this carbon impact is through developing buildings using our exclusive portal system DonoBeam

DonoBeam is a patented design co-developed in 2015 with BlueScope Steel and has been used in over 200 buildings in New Zealand so far. The product was designed by expert engineers in our business who saw the opportunity for greater product innovation and carbon reduction in the construction industry.

Large-scale steel portal frame structure with sun shining through

Up to 40% Carbon Emission Savings

The innovative DonoBeam design uses less raw materials and is typically lighter, which results in considerable carbon-savings across the entire lifecycle of a construction project.

Others may claim carbon savings, we underwent the scrutiny of independent experts to prove it. A 2021 Building 4.0 CRC study undertaken at Monash University in Melbourne evaluated the potential environmental benefits of the DonoBeam structures compared to traditional systems, using internationally recognised ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards for environmental life cycle assessment. The research confirms up to 40% carbon emission savings when compared to traditional steel construction methods, including savings of up to 25% in steel emissions and up to 26% in transport emissions.

Our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a key priority for our company. We believe in future-proofing our buildings through smart construction and greener building products like DonoBeam, so our buildings can be enjoyed for decades to come.


Drone shot of steel frame structure for a large-scale warehouse by coresteel
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