Frequently Asked Questions

Coresteel Buildings specialises in large-scale steel frame commercial and industrial buildings. We are also experts in hangars and large residential/rural sheds. For sheds smaller than 100sqm, we are unlikely to be able to provide a competitive price relative to other companies who specialise in this area.

There is no typical Coresteel project, as all our buildings are custom-designed to the exact specifications of the owner. For this reason, we do not have a list of building designs or floor plans for you to select from or a list of prices. The location of your build is also important, due to elements such as wind speed, ground type, and earthquake risk, that need to be taken into account for engineering calculations.

With this in mind, our in-house engineering team and our flexible and unique software program Constructor, allow us to take your wish list and create a building that is designed and engineered in the most cost-efficient way possible. Once we can confirm the design, we can provide a fixed price.

Typically, you will need to know where your building will be built and have a basic plan of what you want. To progress further, a fire and geotechnical report (if required) eliminates further risk.

Note the name of the building you are interested in. Go to our contact page and find the region within which you live (or the region you will be building within). Contact the relevant region and let them know the name of the building. They will get back to you to ask for further details on your site location, as this could make a difference to the price quoted with regards to engineering, wind speeds, and earthquake risk, etc.

Only select franchisees offer custom-built shed homes as a service. You can learn more about steel shed homes here.

Small garages are not our specialty. Typically anything under a 9m span can be designed, but will not be the most cost-effective. However, we will provide the best steel building in the marketplace.

Coresteel does sell smaller buildings as kitsets only. This means you receive the building framework and fastenings, cladding, joinery, etc and you organise construction yourself. We can be involved in as much or as little of the project as you wish.

There is no typical Coresteel project, as all our buildings are custom-designed to the exact specifications of the owner. On our website, there are many examples of buildings we have created. If you see something you like on our website, we can base your project on this design, with any changes that are needed to create a personalised design for you.

There are numerous options available to you. Most customers choose steel cladding, of which we have two brand options, each with various colours. However, almost any cladding type can be used as an alternative to steel, or in combination with steel, such as concrete, weatherboard, brick and more. Read our Top Tips for Choosing Cladding blog.

We want to ensure that you understand the building industry jargon during your building project. Our glossary will have you talking like a pro in no time.

Any vacancies within our Head Office team will be advertised online via Seek or Trademe and can be found on the Donovan Group careers page. Each of our franchises may also have vacancies which they will advertise online or in the local newspaper for that area. You can find the contact details for each of our franchises here.

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