Structural Systems

A structural system is a frame constructed to form and support a building’s structure.

As the backbone of a building, every long-lasting and well-constructed building needs a high-quality structural system at its base.

Coresteel is the leading expert in constructing unique steel frame structural systems. Our systems offer excellent durability to add value to your business. With guaranteed savings on cost and time with every build, we are sure you will love our structural solutions.

The patented DonoBeam is specially tapered to reduce steel usage and cost without compromising structural integrity. It also provides greater design flexibility, enabling us to create a unique architectural aesthetic for any given build. DonoBeam is designed to withstand New Zealand’s harsh and ever-changing environmental conditions, ensuring your building will stay in great condition for many years. Fully prefabricated off-site, Coresteel will assemble your building safely and quickly on the ground of your site without the need for welding, saving immense labour costs and time.

Our Bracketless Portal System features steel columns and rafters nested and bolted together, allowing for a stronger connection, faster construction time, and reduced labour. With this revolutionary structural system, we can create larger internal spaces for your building to maximise storage space and profits. With added benefits like angled bird-resistant purlins and a unique exterior wall cladding, you can prevent birds from perching or entering the building. These exclusive features will keep your building well-maintained and looking great for a long time.

You’re Well Supported with Coresteel

Whether you need a new retail store, storage facility, or commercial company space, Coresteel has you covered from start to finish. With our highly innovative and fully customisable structural systems, we can design and install a space suited to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss how we can achieve your design dream.

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