International Shed Construction Trends that are Shaping the Industry

Sheds have become increasingly popular around the world due to their versatility, durability, and adaptability. Here, we explore the innovative international shed construction trends that are shaping the industry.

Popular Shed Types Around the World

International shed construction has evolved far beyond the traditional garden shed. Sheds are now commonly used for large-scale rural building projects, whether an American Barn or a fully bespoke workshop. Here are a few ways sheds are being used around the world:

Farm Sheds

Sheds have long been used for farming purposes in rural areas around the world. Farm sheds can take many forms, from complex stables to dairy and milking sheds. Here at Coresteel, we’ve created hundreds of farm sheds to meet the diverse expectations of Kiwi farmers.

Storage Sheds & Workshops

Sheds are commonly used amongst businesses who are looking to maximise growth. Steel shed structures have the flexibility to evolve into fully operational workshops, and can also be used to store goods, equipment, and tools. Innovative shed construction is changing the way businesses operate and providing solutions for businesses who need extra workspace.

Steel Frame Shed Homes

Outdoor living has become a big trend in countries like Australia, which has increased the demand for shed home construction. New building technology has made it possible for building companies like Coresteel to create spacious, customisable, and liveable steel shed homes. Unlike timber frames, steel shed homes will remain in great condition for years to come – even in tough conditions.

American Barns

The American Barn isn’t just popular in America but has been adapted in many countries around the world including New Zealand. While traditionally used for agriculture purposes, they are also commonly used for storage and some business operations.


Trends in Building Approaches


Advanced Building Technology

Advanced building technology has played a significant role in the evolution of shed construction. Coresteel’s innovative Bracketless Portal System and Tapered Box Beam are great examples of this. These two unique structural systems allow us to create steel sheds of all sizes and shapes, without compromising structural integrity. We have created a wide range of successful projects using these innovative systems, including American Barns, workshops, farm buildings, large-scale equine centres, and much more.


Building companies are always looking for new ways to increase speed and efficiency in their processes. Prefabrication has become a popular building approach in shed construction due to its ability to speed up the building process. This is when the building components are assembled off-location and then transported to the building site for final construction. Creating prefabricated structures off-site has a range of benefits. It helps reduce construction waste, results in better health and safety outcomes, and lowers labour costs because fewer skilled workers are required.

Green Building Methods

The world is more eco-conscious than ever before, and the construction industry reflects this. It is no longer viewed as acceptable to use building materials and methods that harm the environment or are unsustainable. There is a heavy focus on green building methods in countries all around the world. When it comes to shed construction, recyclable and sustainable materials like locally-sourced steel are the way to go.


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