The Benefits of Building with Steel

Steel is considered one of the strongest and most enduring construction materials on the planet. Its impressively high strength-to-weight ratio, not found in many other materials, make it a choice solution for simple to complex construction work. In this article, we’ll talk about the primary benefits of building with steel for your commercial projects.

Why You Should Use Structural Steel for Your Next Build

Why should you build with steel? What makes it superior to other construction materials used in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings? There are four major reasons that make building with steel non-negotiable in commercial construction: its adaptability, durability, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Let’s talk about each of them below. 


1. Building with Steel is Sustainable

As the movement for sustainable construction continues to move forward, steel is increasingly earning its well-deserved spotlight, thanks to its low waste credentials. In every phase of the building cycle, steel has been proven to generate very little waste. Its recycling potential is infinite without compromising its quality. The byproducts of manufacturing steel are also useful and are widely repurposed.


2. Steel is a Flexible and Adaptable Material

Depending on the design and structural needs, steel can be manufactured in a variety of ways. There are different types of steel— some are flexible enough to be used and shaped in different patterns and sizes while keeping their strength and quality intact.

Structural steel is favoured by architects and engineers because of its inherent design flexibility. The use of this material can realise and accomplish some of the most complex architectural designs. Along with the freedom that it allows these creatives, steel’s literal and figurative flexibility does not compromise its toughness.


3. Steel Structures are Durable and Enduring

Since steel is a compound metal made from the solid combination of iron and carbon, it has a strong and proven resistance to most elements. This makes structures made of steel, such as steel sheds, as well as residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, tough and enduring. 

Steel can withstand extreme weather conditions and unfavourable climates. It’s not surprising that structural steel is in demand all over the world, regardless of climate and type of terrain.


4. Steel Construction is Cost-Effective

As mentioned earlier, steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio compared to other construction materials. It can handle the load and stress better because of its compression and tension properties. This means that you can use less steel, even for highly demanding structural parts, such as beams or single support. 

Using steel as the main building material has substantially reduced construction costs since structural steel was used in the late 1800s, when the first steel-framed buildings were introduced.


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