How Industrial Building Construction Has Evolved

There have been many changes in industrial building methods over the years, from a greater emphasis on sustainability, to innovations in construction technology. These changes have had a positive impact on the construction industry, allowing companies to create more spacious buildings that last. Here, we explore the evolution of industrial building construction and how Coresteel has contributed to this evolution. 

A Growing Focus on Sustainability

The environmental impact of construction has always been a public concern, but as the world has become more environmentally conscious, this concern has only grown more pressing. As a result, industrial and commercial building companies are discovering new ways to build structures that have minimal impact on the environment. 

Sustainable building has become a popular trend, which will likely continue to grow over the next few years. Here at Coresteel, all our industrial building projects have a focus on sustainability. We use durable, sustainable steel structures to create all our industrial and commercial buildings. 

The use of steel in our building projects helps to reduce carbon emissions, which is not only positive for the environment, but for people as well. With fewer carbon emissions in the atmosphere, we can improve the quality of life for all people, at present and in the future.

Our sustainable building methods can also bring financial benefits to your business. Building with steel is generally more cost-effective than other construction materials. With Donobeam, less steel is required to build our structures, which helps to reduce costs and minimise waste. 


Innovations in Construction Technology

The evolution of construction technology is perhaps the most important change that we are continuing to see in the construction industry. Innovations in construction technology have enabled industrial builders to create large industrial buildings with more interior space than ever before. Coresteel Buildings and our parent company, the Donovan Group, have played a significant role in this evolution.

Our advanced structural systems—the Bracketless Portal System and the DonoBeam—allow us to create buildings of any size or shape, without compromising structural integrity. With no interfering centre poles or braces and more interior space, we can create tailor-made steel buildings that empower businesses in all industries. We also use advanced construction software—the Constructor—to bring bespoke designs to life.


Prefabrication Methods for Greater Efficiency

Prefabrication construction has been used for centuries, but over time we have watched this method evolve and grow in popularity significantly. It’s one of the most commonly used building techniques used today, thanks to its ability to cut labour costs, reduce construction waste, improve efficiency, and enhance safety. 

As construction technology evolves, new prefabricated techniques will continue to emerge. Here at Coresteel, our steel structures are prefabricated at our high-tech manufacturing plant and then transported to your construction site. This allows us to speed up the construction process and deliver bespoke buildings that meet our clients’ business needs. Our prefabrication techniques, combined with our revolutionary structural systems, have helped Coresteel to become a leader in industrial construction.


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