Building Solutions for Businesses that are Growing

Is your business experiencing rapid growth? Whether you’re in need of more storage space or a workshop for your daily operations, Coresteel Buildings provides unlimited commercial and industrial building solutions for businesses in all industries. We use the patented Bracketless Portal System and the DonoBeam to create cost-effective industrial buildings of any size and shape. Here are a few ways you can maximise growth with our unique building solutions for businesses.


A practical, spacious place for your employees to work can make all the difference to your business productivity and efficiency. Your workshop should be comfortable and spacious so that all employees can work at their best. As a leader in industrial construction, Coresteel Buildings have created large-scale workshops for businesses in a wide range of industries. We consider every aspect of your workshop design in the planning, design, and construction phases of your build. From manufacturing yards to storage facilities, we understand how to add value to your business with a quality workshop.


Storage Shed

As your business grows, chances are you’ll need extra room for storage. At Coresteel we build steel frame nz storage sheds that are custom-designed to meet the needs of your business. Durable, versatile, and adaptable, a steel frame shed will keep your tools and equipment safe and secure for many years to come. From modest-sized storage sheds to large-scale storage buildings, our sheds can be adapted for all sizes.



A well-designed warehouse can do wonders for workflow efficiency. Space and flexibility are key factors to consider in warehouse design, because they ensure the security of your products and goods, improves movement and flow, and allows for more efficient processes. Coresteel’s exclusive portal systems make it possible to create durable, versatile warehouses with a tonne of interior space, without compromising the structural integrity of your building.  With spans of up to 75m, our warehouse designs offer more internal space than ever before.


Commercial Office

Coresteel’s unique building methods are ideal for businesses looking to build a large, spacious commercial office. Our commercial offices are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of your business and offer many opportunities for expansion. If you already have a commercial office but need some extra space, an office extension is a good alternative solution to a brand new build.



Building a showroom is a great way to support business growth and capture a larger customer base. At Coresteel, we can build modern, stylish showrooms that help enhance your brand and attract customers. Our talented team of builders and architects work closely with your team to bring your dream showroom to life – no matter what industry you are in.


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Managing an industrial or commercial building project is a big undertaking that requires the expertise of experienced professionals. With our exclusive construction methods, we can help your business deliver the best building solution for growth. Get in touch with your local Coresteel expert for more information. We look forward to working with you.

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