A Guide to Large-Scale Commercial & Industrial Construction

Planning a large-scale build for your business? With any steel building construction project, it’s important to have as much information as you can about the building process. In this guide, we cover the key factors to consider for your project to maximise your success.

Have a Detailed Plan & Clear Concept

The planning stages of your build can impact the outcome of the entire project. Whether you’re building a warehouse or a large-scale storage unit, having a clear concept from the very beginning will allow the construction process to flow smoothly.

What’s the vision for your build? There is a lot to think about here, from the aesthetics of the building to the ideal location. When it comes to commercial builds, the right location can help you attract more customers and increase visibility.

Once you have these key details sorted, you can communicate your ideas to your local Coresteel expert. From there, we will bring your vision to life and do all the hard work. Commercial construction companies like Coresteel Buildings help to take the stress away from large-scale building projects. We manage every step of the construction process, from design and engineering to steel fabrication and construction. 


Implement Advanced Structural Systems

Advanced structural solutions allow for faster, more efficient building processes. Coresteel Buildings is helping to revolutionise the construction industry with two exclusive structural systems: DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System. Both systems have incredible design and span capabilities and allow us to create bespoke steel buildings of any size or shape without compromising structural integrity. DonoBeam is recognised as one of the most efficient structural systems in the NZ market today, enabling businesses to expand the possibilities of their building with greater design flexibility. 


Select the Right Materials

Material selection is everything when it comes to construction, and steel is the top choice for commercial builders today due to its unparalleled strength, durability, flexibility, and sustainability. It’s also one of the most cost-effective materials in commercial building construction today. DonoBeam has been specifically tapered to reduce the amount of steel needed for each build. This allows businesses to save money on building materials while having a positive impact on the environment.


Maximise Internal Space

How much internal space will you need for your commercial or industrial build? For large-scale builds such as warehouses and factories, the more internal space, the better. Having more space will enable you to take advantage of growth opportunities. Not to mention, it allows for smoother daily operations and increased comfort for workers. Our team at Coresteel understands the importance of unobstructed internal space. The patented DonoBeam system can deliver clear spans of up to 75m or even larger when propped – creating more internal space than ever before.


Create a Distinct Architectural Aesthetic

The business world has become increasingly competitive, and it’s more important than ever to create bespoke building designs that stand out in the commercial market. Unique building design features can help to increase your brand awareness and attract a larger customer base. This is why it’s so important that your chosen construction company offers excellent design flexibility – and no one understands this more than Coresteel. Our team will take the time to understand your vision and incorporate the beautiful architectural features that your business needs.


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