Innovative Uses for Structural Steel

Structural steel is responsible for some of the world’s most beautifully designed industrial and commercial buildings. From retail premises to large-scale warehouses and factories, steel has the strength and versatility to bring any type of building to life.

Coresteel Buildings are innovators in steel building construction, due to our exclusive structural systems DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System. In this blog post, we explore innovative uses for steel in commercial and industrial building construction. Learn how Coresteel Buildings are breaking new ground in the industry.


Retail Construction

When it comes to retail construction, it is essential that your building is tailor-made to reflect your brand and business needs. At Coresteel Buildings, the adaptability of our structural systems allows us to create unique, custom-built steel frame buildings for a range of clients. Structural integrity is never compromised, which means we can deliver retail buildings of virtually any size or shape. There are endless possibilities for steel in retail construction.


Aircraft Hangars

Hangar buildings require optimum strength and durability to provide maximum aircraft protection. Steel is the most reliable material to protect an aircraft against the elements. Coresteel’s steel aircraft hangars are specifically designed to withstand high winds and seismic loads. We use hardwearing and durable steel sourced from New Zealand to deliver hangars that will stand the test of time.

A good hangar design should also have plenty of usable interior space. This is where Coresteel’s exclusive structural systems come into play. DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System have no interference from centre poles or braces, allowing for more usable interior space. This enables our aviation clients to make the most of their land area and gain greater accessibility to their aircraft. From modest-sized helicopter hangars to multiple bays for a commercial fleet, hangars of all shapes and sizes are possible. 


Sports, Education, & Community Buildings

Commercial construction companies such as Coresteel Buildings find new ways to enhance communities with innovative building solutions. DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System have made it possible for us to complete hundreds of projects for communities across New Zealand. From schools, youth and childcare centres, and sports facilities to ballet studios and auditoriums, we’ve done it all. Our structural systems provide complete design flexibility, which allows for out-of-the-box, innovative designs. 


Warehouses, Factories, & Commercial Storage Units

A warehouse is a long-term investment into your business, so it’s important to use building materials that will retain their strength over time. Steel is the top choice for warehouse construction due to its unparalleled durability. All Coresteel’s warehouses, factories, and storage units use New Zealand sourced steel to provide greater protection from the elements.

Warehouses and commercial storage units should also have a vast amount of usable interior space so that larger industrial machinery and vehicles can move in and out with ease. Our structural systems have no interfering centre poles or obtrusive braces, so our warehouse designs allow for more interior space. Our goal is to produce spacious buildings that promote seamless workflow efficiency, productivity, and high safety standards.


Farm & Lifestyle Sheds

From shed homes and storage sheds to American barns and farm sheds, Coresteel has built a range of farm & lifestyle buildings made out of New Zealand sourced steel. Our sturdy shed designs provide many years of practicality and protection, whether you’re using it for business storage or liveable space. With the ability to incorporate different cladding and smart colour options, steel-made sheds can elevate any type of setting.


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