Building Trends & Processes that are Shaping Construction

Several building trends are influencing commercial and industrial steel building construction in 2022. We explore the top building trends and processes that are rising in popularity this year, and the leading role that Coresteel Buildings has played in the industry.

Coresteel’s Innovative Structural Systems

Coresteel Buildings’ innovative structural systems—DonoBeam and the patented Bracketless Portal System—are revolutionising the way buildings are created. These unique structural systems have had an undeniable impact on the commercial construction industry around the world thanks to their exceptional design and span capabilities.

The exclusive DonoBeam is manufactured by folding two halves of a steel plate and welding them together to form a box. This allows us to create commercial and industrial buildings that offer more unobstructed internal space than ever before, without compromising structural integrity. From complex commercial warehouse builds to spacious storage space, we can create buildings of almost any size or shape.


A Focus on Decarbonisation and Sustainable Building

There has been an increased focus on sustainable building and decarbonisation over recent years within the construction industry, and Coresteel Buildings is leading the way. Our portal system, DonoBeam, is tapered to reduce the amount of steel needed for each project, resulting in less waste and a 90% reduction in carbon emissions. We believe in creating economical and efficient building solutions that reduce surface area and labour and impose minimal impact on the environment.

Public awareness about sustainable building methods has grown in recent years. Many businesses are looking to create buildings that are environmentally responsible in an effort to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. In today’s day and age, durable, eco-friendly buildings can have a positive impact on your company’s reputation, and this is a trend that we hope is here to stay.


Advanced Design Software: Constructor

Advancements in construction design technology are shaping construction today and will continue to have an impact in the future. Coresteel’s unique design software, Constructor, is a great example of a cutting-edge product that has allowed for more efficient design and build processes. This innovative technology allows us to quote bespoke, pre-engineered buildings in real-time, allowing for a wide range of design and engineering possibilities.  


The Use of Prefabricated Structures

Many companies are looking for faster building methods in an effort to increase efficiency and minimise labour time. The use of prefabricated structures off-site has made this possible. At Coresteel, we prefabricate our steel buildings so that the entire frame can be assembled without the need for welding on site. This not only speeds up the construction process, but results in less risk, less waste, and lower costs.


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