An Introduction to Coresteel’s Industrial Building Solutions

As a leader in industrial building construction, Coresteel Buildings have completed numerous bespoke building projects for businesses across New Zealand. We aim to help our business clients maximise their growth potential with each build.

Our forward-thinking approach to industrial construction has cemented our place in the industry. Below, we highlight some of Coresteel’s key industrial building solutions and projects, with a spotlight on our steel warehouses, workshops, and factories.


Steel Warehouse Builds

At Coresteel Buildings, we are well-known for our spacious and durable steel warehouse builds. With years of experience in industrial design, our team has the skills and expertise to create lasting structures that maximise your return.

We build all our warehouses with New Zealand fabricated steel, which benefits people, the planet, and profit. We are committed to creating warehouses that stand the test of time and have minimal impact on the environment.

The Construction Process

We use two innovative structural systems to bring your steel warehouse to life: DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System. With no interfering centre poles or braces, these building systems are specifically designed to allow for more internal space with every build so that businesses can more efficiently manage their daily operations.

Of course, we understand that every business is unique, and our industrial building solutions reflect that. We tailor each warehouse build to the client’s specific needs, whether for a bulk storage store or a large-scale manufacturing facility. We’ve built warehouses of all sizes and shapes without compromising structural integrity. 

Key Projects

We have completed warehouse building solutions for a variety of reputable clients nationwide. Some of our standout projects include:

  • Hermpac Limited – To maximise Hermpac’s internal space and production capacity, the team at Coresteel used the innovative DonoBeam system to create a warehouse with clear spans of 70m and a floor size of 9420m2. Upon completion of the build, Hermpac successfully doubled its capacity and output.
  • Kenneally Timber – After outgrowing their existing premises, Kenneally Timber needed a new warehouse with room for expansive growth. That’s why they approached Coresteel Buildings. Using the DonoBeam patented system, we successfully managed the entire project from process to completion under a short time frame.


Steel Workshop Buildings & Factories

Like our warehouse builds, our steel workshop buildings and factories are specifically designed to provide as much internal space as possible. Our structural systems allow us to achieve clear spans of up to 75m, providing more usable space due to the absence of knee and apex braces.

All our workshop and factory building solutions stand the test of time. Made with New Zealand sourced steel, each build offers superior strength and protection against the elements. Our goal is to create long-lasting workshops and factories that are a worthy investment into the future of your business.

The Construction Process

For every workshop and factory that we build, we take the time to understand the needs of our clients and provide a tailored building solution that meets their requirements. We offer a one-stop shop for industrial building construction to enhance efficiency and simplify the process.

We make the most of our patented DonoBeam structural system to bring your warehouse or workshop to life.

Key Projects

We’ve created workshops and factories for numerous industries across New Zealand. Some of our clients include:

  •  Deane Mark Auto Electrical  – We used the innovative Bracketless Portal System to bring this workshop to life. Based in the Waikato, this beautiful build has office space measuring 11m x 15m, and features a parts centre, a smoko hob, and five workshop bays. With a floor area of 78m2 and a knee height of 6.9m, it has a comfortable amount of usable space for workers to operate efficiently.
  • Caulfield Signs – This award-winning company got in touch with Coresteel Buildings to build a workshop with ample interior space, an open floor plan, and a modern look. Using the patented Bracketless Portal System, we delivered the project within four months. The final build features clean lines, a contemporary paint finish, and an open floor plan, with enough internal space to allow workers to move productively and comfortably.

Get in Touch with Coresteel for Tailored Industrial Building Solutions

In addition to our steel warehouses, workshops and factories, Coresteel Buildings also specialises in retail construction, community builds, steel hangars, canopies, and multi-tenant buildings. To learn more about our industrial building solutions and begin your next project, get in touch with your local Coresteel expert today.

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