Innovative Ways to Use Sheds for Business

Businesses all over the world use sheds to run their daily operations. Whether you need safe storage space or a beautifully-designed equestrian facility, steel sheds can suit countless business purposes.

Coresteel Buildings is leading the way in steel shed construction. We’ve successfully created steel sheds for businesses in several industries. Discover some of the innovative ways we build sheds for businesses below.

Storage Facilities

Steel sheds are the ideal solution for business storage thanks to their superior durability, strength, and adaptability. At Coresteel Buildings, our storage sheds can be tailored to meet your business needs, whether you’re looking to protect your goods and products or safely store your business vehicles. Each shed can be customised according to size and layout, providing ample flexibility for your requirements.

Safely Store Vehicles & Boats

Need a secure place to store your business vehicles? Coresteel can design our storage sheds to fit vehicles of virtually any size. From motorhomes and boats to smaller business vehicles, a steel shed will provide the protection that your vehicle needs.

Store Goods, Products, and Heavy Equipment

Sheds commonly store business goods, products, and heavy equipment. Coresteel’s business sheds have the strength to withstand harsh environments and keep your cherished items safe and secure. Our storage sheds are built with hard-wearing steel to stand up well in high-wind or earthquake-prone areas for many years to come.


Farming Facilities

Business owners in the farming industry use farm sheds for several purposes, all of which rely on lasting resiliency against the New Zealand elements. At Coresteel Buildings, we use the innovative DonoBeam and Bracketless Portal system to create customised farm sheds for farmers across New Zealand. Farm sheds designed for rural living are well-equipped to handle harsh outdoor elements like corrosion.

Stable Complex

Farm sheds can be tailored to virtually any size and architectural design, ideal for a stable complex. Coresteel Buildings’ unique construction methods allow for incredible design flexibility.

We successfully built the Admore Stable Complex using the exclusive DonoBeam System. The 2462m² equestrian facility features a practical layout with multiple entrance points, making it a safe space to accommodate horses and other animals.

Calf Rearing Facility

Calf rearing facilities require space for calves to move around comfortably and safely. Coresteel Buildings’ farm sheds maximise internal space, making it an ideal option for a calf-rearing facility. The Massey University Calf Rearing Facility has a floor area of 400m2 and features vermin-proof girt on the external walls to provide extra protection.

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