Coresteel’s Guide to Steel Hangar Construction

Steel hangar construction plays a vital role in the aviation industry, providing aircraft of all sizes with ample protection from the elements.

Whether you need a structure to hold your private helicopter or an even larger structure for a commercial fleet, you should understand how the construction process works. Find out what makes a good steel hangar below and how Coresteel can help bring it to life.

How Are Our Steel Hangars Built?

At Coresteel Buildings, we take a one-stop approach to steel hangar construction; our team manages the entire building process, from the early stages of the design to the full manufacture and construction of your hangar. Our team includes expert designers, engineers, manufacturers, and builders who have completed a range of steel hangar projects.

Our process begins by meeting with you to discuss your specific needs for your hangar. What is your budget, design specifications, and project timeline?

From there, our in-house engineers and draftspeople will provide you with a pre-engineered concept and preliminary design. Once these initial details are sorted and the producer statement is signed, we can begin manufacturing and constructing your steel hangar.

Our steel hangars are customised to meet our clients’ needs. We use our two exclusive structural systems—DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System—to bring your hangar to life. These innovative systems allow us to push the boundaries of steel hangar construction and provide complete design flexibility. We build all our hangars with hard-wearing structural steel for maximum protection.


Key Features of a Hangar Building

What makes a good hangar? There are a few key features that any hangar structure must have:

Strength & Durability

The main goal of a hangar building is to protect your aircraft. The hangar must withstand harsh elements, including high winds and seismic loads. There is no better choice than steel to protect against these conditions.

A steel hangar provides not only the protection your aircraft needs but also extreme durability to ensure your build lasts for many years to come. After all, steel hangar construction is a big job and an investment in your business. A strong, durable structure will help to reduce long-term costs associated with damage and maintenance.

Plenty of Internal Space

A key feature of any steel hangar design is internal space. A spacious steel hangar will allow you to move aircraft freely without damaging the building or the aircraft. Easy accessibility to your aircraft will also ensure your daily operations proceed smoothly for maximum efficiency.

At Coresteel Buildings, internal space is a priority for all our steel hangar builds. Our unique construction techniques enable us to create steel hangars of virtually any size and achieve wide spans of up to 75m. DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System are specifically designed to allow for more internal space. These structural systems have no interference from centre poles or braces, which enable us to maximise interior space and make the most of your land.


Build a Steel Hangar with Coresteel Buildings Today

As an industry-leading commercial construction company, Coresteel Buildings offers steel hangar construction that you can rely on. No matter the size of your aircraft, our team can build a hangar that protects it from the elements for many years to come. Get in touch with your local Coresteel expert to discuss the requirements of your steel hangar project. We look forward to working with you!

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