Structural Steel Construction Methods: Building with DonoBeam

Modern structural steel construction methods are transforming the global construction industry, and Coresteel is leading the way with our patented system, DonoBeam. So, how does this structural system work, and what makes it unique from other steel frame construction methods? We discuss its groundbreaking tapered design and the benefits it provides below.

What is DonoBeam?

DonoBeam is a world-leading tapered box beam co-developed with BlueScope Steel in 2015. The metal box beam is manufactured by welding two folded halves of a steel plate together to form a box. At Coresteel Buildings, we use this innovative and exclusive system to bring commercial and industrial buildings to life. The box beam is tapered through its length to reduce the steel required in each build. This system makes it possible to construct buildings of any size or shape without compromising structural integrity.

The Benefits of a Tapered Box Beam System

The benefits of using a tapered steel box beam for your building project are wide-ranging. Whether you’re looking to protect the planet or reduce construction costs, Coresteel’s exclusive tapered portal system is a worthwhile investment for any building project. Here are just a few ways businesses can benefit from this system.


Simon Archer, Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, says that the growing decarbonisation trend is one of the biggest reasons businesses choose to use DonoBeam.

“Sustainability is a huge part of what businesses are looking for these days – not only for their own businesses and how they operate but also in the buildings they occupy.”

Because DonoBeam is a tight and tapered design as opposed to a parallel one, it uses less steel. The tapered design allows Coresteel to reduce the volume of steel in every build, resulting in less waste and carbon emission savings of up to 40%.

Significant Savings in Costs, Time, & Labour

DonoBeam’s ability to reduce building costs, time, and labour have made it one of the most sought-after steel frame construction systems in New Zealand. The economical tapered box beam design empowers businesses to maximise efficiency from the beginning of their project to completion.

At Coresteel Buildings, we manufacture the entire frame at our factory without welding on site, allowing for faster steel frame construction. Minimising construction time and labour enables us to reduce construction costs for any given build.

Bird and Vermin Resistance

Durability is crucial in any commercial or industrial building design. One of the most significant benefits of DonoBeam is its protection against birds and vermin, allowing for longer-lasting structures. The design features bird-resistant purlins and vermin-resistant girts to prevent rodents and birds from roosting on the surface, minimising the risk of damage over time and ensuring your building stays in immaculate condition for many years.

Higher, Clearer Spans

Coresteel specialises in large-scale industrial and commercial construction; businesses turn to us to create spacious buildings that provide ample growth opportunities. With large spans and no interfering centre poles or intrusive knee and apex braces, DonoBeam offers more internal space than most conventional steel structures.

Key Projects

From spacious steel warehouses and commercial storage units to modern retail stores and multi-tenant buildings, Coresteel has completed various projects with DonoBeam. We’ve manufactured over 2000 buildings across 30 territories of New Zealand so far. Stand-out projects include:

Hermpac Limited

Coresteel constructed a warehouse for Hermpac Limited with an impressive floor area of 9420m2. The building features clear spans of up to 70m, providing ample space for the company’s fast-growing production line in Northland.

Marua Road, Mt Wellington

The Marua Road project is not your ordinary warehouse. This spacious and complex building also features a beautiful office, canopy, and a concrete yard. The building’s interior also has a 515m2 manufacturing area and 1100m2 packing lab. 

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