Hermpac Limited

Knee Height:
Floor Area:
Building Use:
Multirib Modncolour
Portal System:
Time to Build:
6 months

When Hermpac saw an opportunity to move away from the city and into Northland, they turned to Coresteel for a purpose-designed and built facility that would maximise site potential and expand their production capacity.

In order to provide ample space for their expanding production line, the new facility required clear spans of 70m and a floor size of over 9000m2. This was achieved through the use of Coresteel’s DonoBeam system, which is an exclusive portal system that is manufactured by folding two halves of a steel plate and welding them together to form a box. An absence of interfering centre poles or intrusive knee or apex braces means DonoBeam can take advantage of more usable space. By utilising DonoBeam, Hermpac has successfully doubled its capacity and output. 

It has been a four-year journey from purchase through to the new site being up and running, with the construction of the building taking place over six months. With excellent planning and forward-thinking, the project ran smoothly and we were able to deliver Hermpac’s new facility in an efficient manner. This timely turnover meant Hermpac could transition to their new space without sacrificing productivity and losing out on customers. 

“The move to our custom-built manufacturing facility has meant the company has been able to amalgamate staff and machinery from three or four sites into one building, bringing with it a number of benefits. From a company point of view, this is a much more efficient operation with all of our production under one roof. We’ve expanded and upgraded our facilities to the point where we’re 50 per cent bigger and have even more machinery coming in, which will allow us to double our capacity and output.” – Steve Carter, Hermpac Sales and Marketing Manager.

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