The Secrets to Minimising Industrial Building Costs & Times

Industrial steel building construction is a significant investment for your business. However, by making smart choices throughout the building process, it is possible to reduce industrial building costs significantly. We explore how businesses can save money, time, and labour on their next building project.

Reduce Waste with Innovative Building Products

Reducing material waste is a growing priority in the commercial and industrial building industry. 

The products used to bring your build to life can make all the difference in reducing waste and industrial building costs. Coresteel’s innovative metal box beam, DonoBeam, is the greatest example of this. DonoBeam has been specifically tapered to eliminate unnecessary steel in the building process. 

Simon Archer, Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, explains DonoBeam’s undeniable impact on Coresteel’s industrial projects. 

“Because it’s a tapered box beam, we have less steel in our structures. And that equates to fewer transport costs, less weight, fewer erection costs, and so on.”

Simon says DonoBeam is a patented design co-developed in 2015 with BlueScope Steel and has been used in over 200 buildings in New Zealand so far. He says the product was designed by “smart engineers in our business who realised there is room for greater innovation in the construction industry.”

The reduction of steel in each build not only reduces costs and labour but positively impacts the environment. In a 2021 Building 4.0 CRC study undertaken at Monash University in Melbourne, researchers found that DonoBeam structures resulted in significant carbon emissions savings of over 40%.  


Maximise Efficiency with Advanced Technology

Choosing efficient design and project management software for your build can also help reduce costs. Advancements in technology have allowed for more efficient building processes, resulting in significant savings in time and money.

At Coresteel Buildings, we understand technology’s important role in modern-day industrial construction. We are creating a new set of software tools called AirBuildr to help design and engineer buildings more efficiently. By finding new, innovative ways to improve our building processes, we can minimise industrial building costs for every building.


Prefabricated Building Methods

Prefabrication is a popular trend within the construction industry, and for a good reason. Prefabricated construction is when all the components of a structure are manufactured off-site. 

Coresteel Buildings uses this efficient building method to minimise industrial building costs, save time, and increase builder safety. We manufacture each building structure at our factory and then transport it to the site, so everything is ready for assembly. No more manufacturing work is required once on site.

Manufacturing all structural components in a controlled environment allows us to work far more efficiently than in an unpredictable outdoor space. Without the interference of uncontrollable weather, the team can work fast and safely.


Save Time with a One-Stop Approach

The team you work with for your industrial building project is perhaps the most crucial element of a successful, cost-effective build. Coresteel Buildings offers a one-stop shop for construction so that you can save time dealing with multiple designers, engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers. We take care of everything, from concept through to construction. This means no more time and money is lost in translation between multiple external parties. Our one-stop construction package also helps ensure consistency and accountability throughout the building process.


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