Redefining Steel Beams: Coresteel’s Innovative Path

Steel beams have been integral to commercial and industrial construction for decades, providing durable structural support for various building types. However, their usage has evolved hugely, and Coresteel is at the forefront of this transformative shift.

Our commitment to innovation has redefined how we think about and use steel beams in construction. Below, we’ll explore Coresteel’s pioneering efforts in steel building construction and how we’re redefining the term.

A New Era of Steel Beams: Coresteel’s Exclusive Structural Systems

Steel beams support heavy loads and distribute weight evenly during construction. Constructing with steel beams traditionally involves designing, cutting, and welding steel components at the construction site. This process is typically time-consuming and labour-intensive.

As leaders in the field, Coresteel recognised the need for a more efficient and sustainable approach to steel beam construction. To meet this demand, we co-developed two exclusive portal systems alongside Donovan Group: the Bracketless Portal System and DonoBeam. 

The Bracketless Portal System: A Patented System Unleashing Space Potential

Coresteel created the Bracketless Portal System in 2005. Unlike alternative cold-rolled structural systems that employ knee or brace struts to bolster rafter sections, this patented system eliminates the need for such components. The absence of obtrusive knee or apex bracing allows for more usable space inside the building, enabling businesses to maximise their storage capacity and operational efficiency. Coresteel has created buildings of all sizes using this structural system, from modern retail stores to large-scale warehouses.

DonoBeam: An Innovative Tapered Steel Beam Reducing Carbon Emissions

Coresteel co-developed the world-leading DonoBeam in partnership with BlueScope Steel in 2015. This carbon-reducing metal box beam has successfully undergone trials and testing and is revolutionising construction in New Zealand.  

DonoBeam represents a significant breakthrough in steel beam construction. This specially designed tapered steel beam is created by welding two folded halves of steel plate together to create a box shape. Its unique tapering feature reduces the steel required for any design while maintaining structural integrity. In addition to significant steel savings, DonoBeam has a 28% lower surface area than traditional I-Beams, reducing costs and labour time.

DonoBeam has been the backbone behind some of Coresteel’s most impressive and largest construction projects. This structural system has consistently produced durable results, from steel hangars and commercial storage units to factories and warehouses. 

How Coresteel’s Steel Beams are Revolutionising Construction

Greater Design Flexibility and Versatility

Coresteel’s steel beams are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in size, shape, and load-bearing capacity. DonoBeam boasts larger, clearer spans while offering exceptional design flexibility, allowing businesses to create unique structures that meet their needs. Whether you’re building a modern office space with open floor plans or a warehouse with specific load-bearing needs, Coresteel’s beams can be tailored to suit your project perfectly. Check out some of our key projects for inspiring examples of different builds.

Building for a Sustainable Future

At Coresteel, we are committed to constructing buildings that meet current environmental standards and contribute to a more sustainable future. DonoBeam’s steel-saving design perfectly exemplifies our dedication to sustainable construction. By minimising the use of steel in any build, this tapered system reduces carbon emissions by up to 40%.

Additionally, our steel beams are highly durable, which means the buildings they support have a longer lifespan. Our buildings can withstand even the toughest weather conditions, from high winds to seismic activity. DonoBeam frames are also bird and vermin-resistant thanks to their fully sealed box sections. This unparalleled durability reduces the need for frequent renovations or replacements, which can be both costly and environmentally taxing.

Faster, More Efficient Construction

Coresteel is dedicated to making the construction process faster and more efficient for clients. We understand that businesses are under pressure to move into their new building quickly, so we have designed our steel beams for fast assembly. We prefabricate our steel buildings at our manufacturing facility, reducing construction time on-site. This streamlined construction process ensures quicker project completion, minimising labour expenses and on-site disruptions. 

Join the Steel Beam Revolution with Coresteel

In an era where sustainability, efficiency, and innovation are at the forefront of the construction industry, Coresteel is leading the way with our revolutionary steel beams. We continuously strive to create safer, greener, and more resilient buildings that meet the evolving demands of businesses across industries.

If you’re ready to be part of this journey, contact your local Coresteel expert today. We can bring your industrial or commercial building to life using our innovative steel beams. Let us know your requirements, and we’ll provide a tailored solution.

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