Modern Aircraft Hangar Design: Innovations Shaping the Future

Aircraft hangar design and construction have seen significant enhancements over the years. These developments have resulted in more efficient and versatile facilities that benefit the aviation industry, stakeholders, and the environment. Below, we explore the ground-breaking advancements revolutionizing aircraft hangar design standards.

Innovative Developments in Hangar Design

Early aircraft hangars were made of wood, providing limited protection from the elements. They typically had open sides for aircraft access and were often used for temporary purposes.

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology, aircraft hangars have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Today’s steel hangars are an impressive reflection of the progress made over the years. Below are some of the key developments in hangar construction that have revolutionised the way we store and maintain aircraft. 

From Wood to Steel

One significant milestone in hangar design was the transition from wooden to concrete and steel structures. The transition to steel structures offered improved structural stability, vital for storing and maintaining aircraft. This development also allowed for greater flexibility in the design and expansion of hangar facilities.

Today, steel is the number one choice for hangar construction. As the steel industry has evolved, steel hangar construction has become increasingly efficient and versatile. Modern steel-framed hangars are known for their exceptional durability and ability to support large, clear spans, ideal for accommodating various aircraft sizes and types.  

Larger, More Sophisticated Layouts

As modern aircraft have grown in size and complexity, so have the hangars that house them. We are continuously seeing hangars with larger, more open interiors. Spacious hangar designs provide easy access to all parts of the aircraft and ensure the safety of personnel working on them. They also allow workers to undergo maintenance and inspections more efficiently. Coresteel’s innovative structural systems offer larger clear spans without obtrusive bracing, ideal for producing the space necessary to meet these needs.

Eco-Conscious Designs

Businesses across the world are under increasing pressure to minimise their environmental impact. Hangar designers and builders are rising to the challenge by incorporating eco-conscious designs and sustainable practices to address these concerns. For example, at Coresteel, we use the most durable materials to create longer-lasting steel hangars. Our exclusive structural system, DonoBeam, uses fewer raw materials than traditional systems when creating steel hangars. This allows for a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Advanced Security and Safety Features

Hangars house valuable and often sensitive aircraft. Ensuring their safety and security is essential to protect these valuable assets from theft, vandalism, and damage. Innovations in hangar design often include advanced security and safety features, such as access control systems, surveillance and monitoring, and secure storage solutions.

The use of steel has also helped enhance the protection of aircraft hangars. Unlike wooden hangars of the past, steel hangars can withstand heavy winds and seismic activity. This sturdy construction helps ensure the hangar’s longevity and resilience, protecting your investment.

Greater Flexibility and Adaptability

With the aviation industry constantly evolving, hangars must be able to adapt to changing needs. Modern hangar buildings today are much easier to modify, expand, or adapt due to their steel construction. Designers can more efficiently add customisations and extensions where needed. This flexibility ensures that aviation companies can accommodate business growth and operate efficiently in a constantly changing environment.

Why Innovation is so Important

Innovation is the driving force behind modern aircraft design and construction. Cutting-edge products and advanced technology are shaping the future of these unique building structures. Innovation in aircraft hangar design allows for continuous improvements in efficiency, safety, and durability, ultimately benefiting the aviation industry in numerous ways.  

Investing in innovative hangar designs is one of the best ways for airlines and aviation companies to gain a competitive edge. They can offer quicker turnarounds, lower operational costs, and an eco-conscious image that can attract customers and investors.

Coresteel Buildings is leading the way in innovative hangar design. Our reliable, hardwearing structures can help boost your reputation in the industry, whether you own a modest-sized helicopter or a large commercial fleet. We continuously strive to adopt the latest technology and sustainability practices, helping businesses attract partnerships and collaborations to enhance their success.

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