Why Join the Coresteel Network?

Branch out your business portfolio, leverage patented industry-leading technology, and do it all with a supportive peer network through one of New Zealand’s most trusted construction brands. If you’re ready for a level up – Coresteel Buildings might be the answer. These are the top benefits of becoming a Coresteel distributor.

Be your own boss – without ‘going it alone’ 

Set your own hours. Manage your own team. One of the most enticing aspects of becoming a Coresteel distributor is the autonomy it provides while enabling you to develop your business portfolio, taking it to new strengths. 

Unlike starting a new company from scratch, buying into the Coresteel brand means you’re drawing from years of experience and tested systems when setting up shop in your area. 

If you’re already a senior leader in a commercial construction business, then you probably have all the knowledge and experience you need to be a great Coresteel distributor. If you’re ready to level up and start calling the shots – without the challenge of doing it alone – then we may be a great fit. 

Exclusive access to tech that sets you apart 

When we ask our network representatives what first brought them to Coresteel, they often point to our internationally-renowned technology and structural systems. Outside of the Coresteel brand, no one else can take advantage of DonoBeam, our patented tapered box beam design that makes wide clear spans possible while saving up to 40 percent in carbon emissions. 

If you’re wondering why this technology is such a draw for construction business owners, check out this page for all the details about DonoBeam. 

Coresteel offers clients a one-stop-shop approach to commercial buildings. From design to engineering to construction and consents, it is all incorporated into one smooth experience from start to finish. This point of difference has influenced iconic New Zealand brands to work with Coresteel again and again. Explore our key projects to get a sense of who we work with and our diverse portfolio. 

Because of our legal protections, regional Coresteel distributors have exclusive access to these patented structural systems and processes in their area. Talk about solidifying your point of difference – Coresteel offers you ultimate value with little competition when it comes to large-scale commercial building solutions. 

National support where it matters most 

Joining Coresteel allows you to leverage our proven, well-oiled systems and support. No trial and error period; no starting from scratch. A national team of in-house designers and engineers helps our wide-spanning network tap into the best of steel construction innovation. That means quality assurance for your business, and an easy-to-sell product in your market. 

You’ll also be joining a nationwide peer network of like-minded business owners. The power of this community will give you years of helpful knowledge, support, and insider understanding at every level of your business. Every year, we hold an annual conference to bring the entire network together, so you’ll be sure to have plenty of opportunity to get to know people from across New Zealand. Ultimately, a tight network helps take away the loneliness and isolation that often comes with running a business. The structure of the Coresteel network ensures that everyone feels supported and aligned. 

The chance to diversify 

Coresteel works particularly well for business owners or senior operators at a commercial construction business who are ready to take the next step in their business portfolio. Commercial buildings offer access to a growing industry with a brand that has already developed a strong reputation. This, in turn, translates into tangible gains in shareholder value, making investment in a Coresteel business a strategic and profitable choice for entrepreneurs looking to secure their future in the construction industry. 

Complementary to your existing business 

Many regional distributors run their own brand alongside their Coresteel business. Unlike some distributor systems that require you to focus only on one brand at a time, we recognise the benefits that come with running a diverse portfolio of businesses in your region.   

Coresteel makes it possible to get the best of both worlds. You can continue to enjoy the rewards of being an entrepreneur, while also leveraging the support, security, and national reputation of the Coresteel brand. 

Are you a good fit? 

Coresteel is a respected New Zealand commercial steel building producer – and we take pride in that position. If you care deeply about delivering better service, better products, and better sustainability practices to your customers and to your region, then Coresteel might be the right brand for you. 

To be a great Coresteel distributor, you will need a firm grasp of the construction industry and a good sense of how to run a professional business operation. Experience in commercial building projects is a huge benefit, and will help you be successful in the Coresteel network. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about our systems, technology, and brand – as long as you bring dedication and a willingness to uphold Coresteel’s reputation for quality. 

If you’re ready to level up your business now – you may be in luck. There are some regions up for sale that could be your next opportunity. 

Get in touch with our team to learn more about us, our product, and our network. 

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