Exploring the Enduring Appeal of Steel Canopy Designs

Whether providing shelter for vehicles or enhancing the visual appeal of a commercial property, canopies have become essential for elevating our outdoor spaces. Steel remains the top choice amongst designers and architects when building these versatile structures.

Are you considering building a canopy for your outdoor space? Below, we explore the unique characteristics of steel canopies and uncover Coresteel’s unique design and build process for crafting these enduring buildings.

Why is Steel the Best Type of Canopy?

The right material can elevate the form and function of any building. So, what makes steel so popular amongst industrial and commercial construction companies?

Steel Conquers the Elements

Often built to provide shelter or protection, canopies must be able to conquer the elements. As one of the world’s most resilient building materials, steel is the most reliable option for constructing canopies that will last. From high winds to torrential rain and hail, steel canopies promise to maintain their structural integrity no matter the conditions. Canopies made of steel are synonymous with durability, offering long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

The hardwearing nature of steel canopies also means minimal maintenance and upkeep is needed, helping to reduce long-term repair costs.

Adaptable Designs for Every Need

Steel is preferable for businesses seeking to create innovative and aesthetically pleasing canopies. From intricate designs to bold architectural statements that captivate the eye, this versatile material opens a world of possibilities in canopy design.

At Coresteel, we pride ourselves on creating steel canopies that meet our clients’ evolving needs. Whether providing shade for a public space or shelter for large machinery, we can create custom canopies that seamlessly blend functionality, durability, and architectural elegance. Our steel structural systems allow us to create canopies of virtually any size, ensuring that each canopy perfectly suits its intended purpose.

Speedy Construction

Need to get your canopy up and running quickly? Steel canopies are the solution for fast and efficient construction, ensuring your project finishes on time without compromising quality. At Coresteel, we prefabricate steel components at our manufacturing factory before delivering them to the site. This prefabrication method accelerates the overall building process and reduces labour costs, providing clients with a cost-effective solution without sacrificing structural integrity.

Coresteel: Innovators in Steel Canopy Construction

Coresteel is leading the way in steel canopy construction. Our smart canopy designs are helping elevate public and commercial places across New Zealand.

We build all our canopies using hard-wearing steel to ensure your building withstands the elements for many years. Our canopies also feature bird and vermin-resistant girts, eliminating the likelihood of birds and rodents establishing their habitat in your building. Some of our standout projects include:

  • Korok Canopy: This impressive canopy building features beautiful offices, staff changing rooms, and a truck and trailer drive-through with a 15m clear span box beam bay. And it only took six months to deliver!
  • Thode Arena: We designed this spacious, sheltered canopy for equestrian events. The canopy features no intrusive support poles, providing unobstructed views for spectators and participants.
  • Countdown Canopy: Coresteel was proud to create two spacious canopies for Countdown in Okara Park Shopping Centre, providing convenient and sheltered parking spots for customers.
  • Mainstream Canopy: Using the innovative DonoBeam, we created a canopy attached to Mainstream’s existing building, providing the business with a dynamic space that seamlessly integrates with its operations.

Our Canopy Design & Build Process

Coresteel’s canopy design and build process begins with a comprehensive initial consultation, where we’ll work closely with you to determine your needs and overall vision. Here are a few things to consider before meeting with your Coresteel expert.

  • What do you want your new canopy to achieve?
  • What are your sizing needs?
  • What is your aesthetic vision for the canopy?
  • Do you have a specific location in mind?
  • What is your desired project timeline?
  • What is your budget?

Once we understand your needs for the project, we can get started on a pre-engineered concept and preliminary design. Upon your approval, we’ll start custom-manufacturing your canopy at our factory. Your designated Coresteel representative will oversee the construction process, optimising efficiency using our structural systems.

Build a Canopy with Coresteel Today

Need to build a canopy that will withstand the elements? Coresteel’s steel canopies blend form and function seamlessly, delivering a sleek appearance with robust structural support. We strive to streamline the design and build process as much as possible, following a one-stop approach to maximise efficiency from concept to completion. Contact your local Coresteel expert today to discuss your requirements, and we can bring your design to life!

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