Prefabricated Commercial Building Ideas: What You Can Build with Coresteel

Coresteel’s industrial building solutions have benefited businesses across multiple industries, from retail to manufacturing. Our prefabricated commercial building methods have afforded us greater design flexibility and faster labour, saving businesses time and money.

Whether you’re a property investor or a business experiencing massive growth, we can transform steel buildings into profitable business ventures. We prefabricate all our structures at our New Zealand manufacturing plant so that everything is ready for on-site assembly. Discover what you can build with Coresteel below!

Retail Stores

Coresteel has seen great success in the New Zealand retail industry, having worked with many leading brands. We can tailor your retail building to meet your requirements no matter what products you’re offering. 

Our prefab buildings are particularly well-suited to retail businesses that require extra interior space, such as car dealerships. Using our exclusive structural systems, DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System, we can create a spacious building with plenty of room to store vehicles safely. We can also customise your dealership with unique aesthetic features to ensure it attracts your target customers. Coresteel’s spacious buildings are also ideal for hardware stores that need room for heavy tools and large equipment. We can design a facility that offers ample space for storing your stock, which will benefit your employees and customers. 

Multi-Tenant Luxury Office

Coresteel’s prefabricated commercial buildings and innovative structural systems also provide the flexibility to create luxury offices of all sizes. Need to create a shared office space to host multiple businesses or employees? We can customise your office to feature various amenities, from kitchens and conference rooms to workshops and locker areas. We can even add a gym where workers can work out during breaks.

In addition to amenities, Coresteel can also customise your office to reflect your brand, incorporating custom colours and unique architectural features to make it stand out.

Commercial Self-Storage Unit

Coresteel’s commercial storage units are synonymous with strength, durability, and structural integrity. We can customise your unit to suit your storage needs. Let us know your layout and space requirements, and we’ll create a unit with plenty of room for growth. 

We’ve created commercial storage units for various businesses across New Zealand. Our work with Storage King is a true stand-out; this build took under four months to complete and even features a reception and office. The unit supported the business’s growth while offering the flexibility to meet various customer requirements. 

Warehouse or Factory

Are you considering investing in a warehouse or factory? Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, Simon Archer, says that industrial space and warehousing are in great demand. 

“If you’re a commercial property investor, building an industrial building for lease is a great option,” he explains.

Coresteel is helping to meet this high demand with our innovative industrial building solutions. We’ve helped businesses of all sizes maximise their productivity and growth with tailor-made warehouses and factories. Since we can build our structures without obtrusive bracing and brackets, we can deliver more usable interior space, allowing employees room to work safely and efficiently.

As with all our builds, we can tailor your warehouse or factory to suit your business requirements. Need easy access to your building? We can implement open bays to make getting in and out easy. Require extra security? We can build enclosed bays for maximum protection.

Bring Your Building to Life with Coresteel

Coresteel’s efficient prefabricated construction methods, exclusive structural systems, and innovative design approach lead the way in commercial construction. In addition to the ideas mentioned earlier, Coresteel specialises in hangar buildings, community construction, canopies, and large-scale workshops. Talk to us about your building requirements today; your Coresteel expert will manage the entire process, from concept to completion, so you can focus on managing your business.

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