Shed Storage Ideas – How to Maximise Your Space

Interior space is essential to any commercial shed building, however you plan to use it. A spacious shed helps your business stay organised and maximise productivity.

As an expert in large-scale steel shed construction, Coresteel has all the space-saving tips and tricks you need to keep your business operations running smoothly. Consider these shed storage ideas to ensure you make the most of your usable space.

Customise Your Shed Layout

Maximising space in your shed begins with a functional, thoughtful shed design. A customised solution will be key to your success. Choosing a one-size-fits-all shed will limit your flexibility.

At Coresteel, we tailor all our buildings to meet the needs of each client. Whether you’re building a car mechanics shop or a commercial storage unit to hold your equipment, we can create a large-scale shed solution that works for your business. 

When you meet your Coresteel expert, consider a layout that best suits your needs. We’ll let you choose your shed’s ideal length, width, height, roofline, and layout. We can create buildings of virtually any size without compromising the structural integrity of your shed.

Create Different Zones

Commercial sheds serve many purposes, depending on your industry. Creating different zones in your shed will make it more organised and easier for employees or visitors to come and go.

Consider the available space in your shed and how you can divide it into different zones. Will you need a designated room for storage, a separate reception or office area, and an adjoining workshop? Creating a detailed zoning plan in the early stages of construction will ensure you maximise your usable space.

At Coresteel, we prioritise interior space in all our builds. This means you’ll have greater design flexibility when creating different zones in your building.

Utilise Wall Space & Doors

No matter how large your building is, it’s still essential to make the most of the space you have. Utilising wall space is one of the best ways to free up floor space, making it easier for workers, clients, or visitors to go in and out. Wall-mounted shelving is always a reliable storage solution, as it offers easy accessibility to the items you need and can be easily adjusted if required. For additional storage, you can add sturdy hooks or racks to the walls to hang heavier items and use pegboards for smaller tools.

Invest in a Spacious Shed Building with Coresteel

Need a spacious shed with plenty of room for growth? At Coresteel, we prioritise interior space in all our steel shed designs. Our exclusive structural systems – DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System – allow us to create wider, clearer spans with no interfering centre poles or braces. With more interior space, you’ll have greater design flexibility when creating your shed.

No matter what you’re using your shed for, our buildings will offer the space you need to manage your business efficiently. Let us bring your shed storage ideas to life! Contact your local Coresteel expert today to discuss your requirements.

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