Building in NZ: How to Deal with Harsh Weather

New Zealand’s weather can be wild and unpredictable. Recent weather events such as Cyclone Gabrielle have emphasised the importance of robust, durable buildings.

Buildings that can withstand rough weather will significantly reduce large-scale destruction in such events.

Coresteel is leading the way in commercial and industrial steel building construction. Our buildings are synonymous with strength and durability, ideal for NZ’s unique weather conditions. Below, we explore key considerations when building in harsh weather to ensure worker safety and efficiency.

Choose Hard-wearing Materials

Appropriate material selection is one of the first things to consider when building in NZ. Buildings must be able to withstand everything from heavy downpours to high winds. At Coresteel, we choose to work with steel for its unparalleled strength and durability. As one of the world’s most enduring materials, steel is the most reliable choice for large-scale commercial and industrial buildings. It has high resistance to extreme weather conditions and climates, ensuring your building stays in excellent condition through nearly anything New Zealand can throw at it.  

Embrace Innovation

We must continue embracing new construction developments to create safe, durable, high-quality buildings. Cutting-edge construction products and systems are shaping the future of the industry. Such innovations are helping to reduce construction times, improve building quality, and create safer construction processes. 

Coresteel’s two structural systems—DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System—are excellent examples. These systems deliver unprecedented strength and design flexibility, enabling us to create long-lasting buildings in NZ that withstand extreme weather. We can adapt these systems to create any custom build, from steel warehouses to commercial offices.

Protect Your Workers

Protecting workers throughout the building process should be a top priority for any commercial construction company. NZ weather can change from one moment to another, putting outdoor construction workers at risk. Building in an indoor, controlled environment is the best solution for maximising worker safety and efficiency. 

At Coresteel, we manufacture all our building components at our NZ manufacturing plant so that everything is ready for assembly on-site.

“We can manufacture far more efficiently in a controlled environment and a factory than you can on-site. It means we don’t have to deal with all the weather conditions, health and safety hazards, height restrictions, and so on,” Simon Archer, Coresteel’s Commercial Manager explains.

Since everything is ready for assembly, less labour time is required on site. With less time spent on site, our workers are less exposed to potentially dangerous weather conditions, reducing the risk of accidents.

Prepare Your Construction Site

Once all components are prefabricated and ready for assembly, preparing your site for harsh weather is essential. You can take a few steps to ensure worker safety on site and prevent equipment damage.

First and foremost, construction companies should always have safety protocols in place in the event of severe weather. All workers should know what to do in heavy rain, wind, or lightning. Protecting the construction site with secure scaffolding, fencing, and other temporary structures can also help ensure worker safety. 

New Zealand has experienced its fair share of flooding. Ensuring your construction site has high-quality drainage systems will be paramount in preventing floods on-site. Regularly cleaning the area can also help avoid floods. Debris and other hazardous materials could become safety hazards during heavy rain, so removing them is crucial.

Choose Coresteel for Safe, Efficient Commercial Builds

Are you planning a construction project but concerned about the potential impact of harsh weather? Talk to your local Coresteel expert, and we’ll handle everything from concept to completion. With many years of industry experience, we have the expertise to handle various building projects. Our structural systems, safe and efficient building methods, and use of hard wearing steel will ensure your building withstands the elements. Let us know your requirements today! 

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