Stonewall Stud and Stables

Knee Height:
Floor Area:
Building Use:
Farm Shed
Tilt panel, Perforated Trimrib®, Dridex®
Portal System:
Time to Build:
18 months

Stonewall Stud and Stables commissioned Coresteel Buildings Christchurch for a 2,465 square metre horse stables construction. The premier harness-racing horse stable previously worked with Coresteel Buildings to develop their Auckland stables.

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of equestrian excellence—non-negotiables included rigorous bird proofing, a significant clear span and optimal ventilation.

Horse Stables Construction


Experience Coresteel’s Proven Edge: Unleash Precision Engineering

This horse stables construction is a Coresteel Buildings design-build tailored to our client’s precise requirements. The groundbreaking DonoBeam system achieves an impressive 41.5-metre clear span, complemented by canopies on each end and a 5.7-metre knee height.

The design emphasises the importance of airflow, requiring perforated cladding and Dridex® roofing to maintain optimal ventilation and condensation management for the comfort and health of the racehorses.

Featuring an exterior of concrete tilt panel and iron Trimrib® cladding in COLORSTEEL® Lignite, Stonewall Stud & Stables emerges as a striking balance of sophistication and utility against Canterbury’s idyllic landscape.

Unveiling Signature Features in Horse Stables Construction

Within Stonewall Stud and Stables, no detail is overlooked to ensure the utmost comfort and care for the esteemed racehorses. The facility boasts several impressive features.

Rubber surfacing mats cover the floor of the open interior space to provide a non-slip surface, which is crucial for the racehorses’ well-being and safety.

Feature plywood linings add to the rural aesthetic while ensuring durability and functionality. The inclusion of a mezzanine offers versatile storage options and future-proofing for the client’s evolving needs.

Lavish Amenities for Equine Royalty & Staff

The horse stables comprise various rooms, including feed and tack rooms, bathrooms with shower facilities, a laundry room, a vet room, and a staff room with kitchen facilities.

A dedicated wash-down bay, equipped with sloping flooring and serviced by oversized hot water cylinders, ensures controlled maintenance and grooming for the equine residents. Additionally, an automated horse walker provides daily exercise.

With a centralised pump shed efficiently distributing electricity and water to both the stables and pastures, operations run seamlessly, ensuring the well-being of the horses remains the top priority.

Our Promise: Unrivalled Quality in Horse Stables Construction

The outcome for Stonewall Stud & Stables is a high-end facility that delivers the client’s imperatives for horse stables construction.

Our ability to listen, understand, and proactively address client needs, along with providing alternative solutions and recommendations, sets us apart in delivering tailored construction solutions.

Overall, Stonewall Stud and Stables is a remarkable example of modern design tailored to meet specific client requirements and environmental needs, showcasing the pinnacle of excellence in horse stables construction.

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