Key Considerations for Steel Hangar Construction

Steel hangars are crucial in the aviation industry. From large commercial fleets to private planes and helicopters, Coresteel has the perfect hangar solutions to meet your needs, provide ample protection from weather elements, and allow maintenance procedures.

Depending on your needs and location, the steel hangar construction process and specifications can vary widely. We discuss considerations you should note when constructing a quality steel hangar.


Coresteel handles the entire project with our in-house team of highly experienced designers, engineers, and manufacturers. From conceptualisation to production and installation, our qualified team works closely for a seamless building experience. Our revolutionary DonoBeam and Bracketless Portal System deliver unparalleled design flexibility, incorporating a range of architectural elements for an aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional steel hangar. Featuring a steel-saving design, we offer significant savings on price without compromising on quality for impressive clear spans and expansive internal space, both of which are crucial factors in hangars. We pride ourselves on our innovative design and complete flexibility for a unique project catered to each client.

Our expert team meets with you to discuss your needs — the size and purpose, budget, design choices, and project timeline. We will design your steel hangar to your specific requirements depending on the number of aircraft, their size, and additional purposes other than aircraft storage. You can opt for a mezzanine floor for offices or a rest area. Multiple entry points can be added for easy accessibility and mobility when using aircraft, with extra space for tool storage and a maintenance workshop.

Coresteel follows each project closely to ensure we meet your needs while keeping you informed at each step of the way for a custom steel hangar construction experience that is unrivalled in the industry.


At Coresteel, we design every hangar we build to withstand high winds and seismic loads. Our highly qualified team has plenty of experience with steel hangar construction, providing expert advice on choosing a suitable position based on terrain, wind ratings, and access to runways. We construct our steel-made aircraft hangars using only the most durable materials, made to last in even the strongest wind conditions.

Strength and Safety

We build each Coresteel hangar with hardwearing and durable steel sourced from New Zealand to provide high security and durability. Your world-class steel hangar is a massive investment in protecting your fleet from harsh conditions, reducing the need for frequent repairs or maintenance in the long run. 

Our revolutionary DonoBeam and Bracketless Portal System are designed to withstand harsh New Zealand environmental conditions. Coresteel’s innovative construction process allows for a stronger connection between the sections, faster construction times, and reduced labour costs. The incomparable structural integrity eliminates the need for support braces, freeing up more internal space to accommodate the size of your fleet and allows for plenty of manoeuvring space for smooth operations without interference, allowing you to use your aircraft freely. 

Invest in a Steel Hangar Construction Company You Can Trust

Our impressive expertise, leading-edge software, and state-of-the-art steel hangar construction methods make us the leading construction company in New Zealand. From modest-sized hangars for personal use to large-scale commercial buildings, we complete each project to your design specifications. Choose Coresteel for the complete streamlined building process instead of dealing with multiple contractors who may not deliver the desired product. Get in touch with a Coresteel construction specifier expert near you and get started on your steel hangar construction project.

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