How Construction Technology is Changing the Industry

Construction technology is helping to drive the industry towards greater innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

So, what are some examples of these innovations, and how have they impacted commercial building processes? Continue reading as we explore how new construction technology is changing the industry.

What is Construction Technology?

The Construction Institute defines construction technology as a broad range of advanced tools, software, modifications, and machinery used in construction. It encompasses modern techniques and practices to move the industry toward the future.

The use of technology in construction aims to drive innovation and make building processes easier and safer for all involved. 

Examples of Technology in Construction

“Technologies are ever-evolving,” says Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, Simon Archer. The construction industry has adopted many technologies to improve its processes, from innovative design software to industry-leading manufacturing technology. These technologies will continue to evolve, and our industry must continue to adapt to these changes.

Here at Coresteel Buildings, we understand and appreciate the undeniable impact construction technology has had on our industry. We use the latest construction technology at various stages of the construction process to maximise efficiency and productivity. 

Building Design & Project Management Software

Coresteel’s innovative software developments are helping to streamline the building process. Constructor, our project management software, allows our franchisees to adjust our building projects and adapt to our clients’ ever-changing needs. From large-scale community constructions to small business workshops, we use this software to manage projects of all sizes.

But our use of cutting-edge software doesn’t stop there. As Simon Archer explains, Coresteel is always looking to develop new technologies and make processes more efficient.

“The software we use to design and engineer our buildings is constantly growing and evolving. We’re creating a new set of software tools at the moment called AirBuildr, which will allow us to engineer and design the building more efficiently.”

AirBuildr will likely play a pivotal role in the design and management of our building projects.

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment & Processes

At Coresteel, we use industry-leading manufacturing equipment and modern prefabrication methods to manufacture our buildings. This advanced manufacturing process means we can construct our industrial and commercial buildings to the highest standards.

We custom manufacture all our buildings off-site at our factory. Manufacturing in a controlled indoor environment allows for safer processes, faster construction times, higher quality, and less waste for each project.

Simon Archer explains that Coresteel is constantly finding ways to improve its manufacturing process.

“We’re always looking at new equipment at our factory that can make us more efficient and produce a better product faster and at a lower cost. This even comes down to the equipment that delivers the product to the site. We also look overseas to see what other countries are doing to see if there are any learnings there as well.”

Exclusive Steel Construction Technology

Coresteel’s exclusive steel frame building systems DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System are revolutionising steel building construction in many ways. These systems provide unparalleled design and span capabilities, allowing us to create customised buildings of any size or shape.

Simon Archer says that sustainability is one of the biggest trends influencing new technological developments in steel construction. Here at Coresteel, we strive to make sustainable building choices at every stage of construction. DonoBeam’s steel-saving design has contributed to our journey towards decarbonisation in a massive way, reducing carbon emissions by up to 40%.

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