Canopy Construction Explained

Coresteel’s steel canopies have benefited businesses across New Zealand thanks to their incredible strength, durability, and versatility. So, what is the process of canopy construction, and is it worth investing in it? Discover how to build a canopy and how it can bring value to your business below.

What Can a Canopy Be Used For?

Canopies have many uses, and here at Coresteel, we can adapt your structure to fit any purpose. Whether it’s for commercial or rural use, steel canopies are an excellent solution for the following:

  •       Shelter for large machinery
  •       A place for customers, clients, or employees to park
  •       Protect livestock in equestrian facilities 
  •      Outdoor shade and shelter for school facilities 
  •      Outdoor structure for business events
  •      And much more!

Key Features of a Canopy

Strength & Durability

Strength and durability are the two most essential aspects of canopy construction. Your canopy must withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail, and sun.

At Coresteel, we build all our canopies out of hardwearing steel. Steel offers the best chance for optimum protection due to its unparalleled strength. It’s also a sustainable choice, offering endless recycling possibilities. 

Unobstructed Space

Whether your canopy is designed to shelter people or protect heavy machinery, you’ll need lots of space. More space will make it easier for people and vehicles to move in and out of the structure. At Coresteel, our canopies can be built without obtrusive centre poles, providing more usable space under the canopy. 

How to Build a Canopy: What’s Coresteel’s Process?

The first step to building a canopy begins with determining your needs and goals. What do you want your canopy to achieve? What’s your property size, and how much space do you need for your new canopy? Coresteel will take the time to listen to your exact specifications so we can tailor a solution that meets your needs. We have built canopies in a wide range of sizes and spans for clients nationwide using two exclusive structural systems: DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System.

We prefabricate all our steel canopies off-site, allowing for fast construction and less labour time. Our one-stop-shop also means you get the whole construction package in one, as Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, Simon Archer, explains.

“Our franchisees handle the entire project, from conception through to the design, detailing, manufacture, construction, and then final handover. So, you’re essentially dealing with one person rather than a whole lot of different outfits.”

How Building a Canopy Can Benefit Your Business

In addition to providing long-lasting protection for your commercial building and its inhabitants, building a canopy can bring many long-term benefits to your business. 

Add Value to Your Property

Investing in canopy construction can be a smart move if you’re considering selling your property in the future. Canopies are valuable structures that can significantly improve any building’s functionality and aesthetics. Such properties could appeal to investors, which could help drive a higher selling price.

Promote Your Brand

At Coresteel, we build canopies for businesses in a wide range of industries. We can customise your canopy to fit your business’s aesthetics, helping to improve brand awareness. A beautifully designed, customised canopy will stand out above your competition and help you attract more people to your business.

Leave a Positive Impression on Clients & Customers

No matter your industry, it’s important to leave a positive impression on customers, clients, and visitors who come to your premises. If your business is growing fast and your property is becoming too small, you can use a canopy to extend your existing building. Providing more space for visitors to gather, park, or browse will improve the customer experience for all, making it more likely they will return in the future.

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