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When you choose Coresteel, you’re choosing to invest in the future of your business

To ensure you receive only the best, we offer a variety of benefits for your next construction project:

One-stop shop

Coresteel is your designer, engineer, manufacturer and builder all in one. Instead of dealing with multiple suppliers and conflicting timeframes, we will streamline the building process and make sure your project runs smoothly.

Innovative nature

Over the years we have built a well-earned reputation for innovation. We believe that innovation never stops, and we’re continuously searching for new, faster, and smarter ways to bring your ideal building to life without compromising on structural integrity.


DonoBeam‘s innovative design reduces the amount of steel required, and offers high bending resistance and optimal torsional stiffness. Research completed by Monash University shows DonoBeam reduces carbon emissions by more than 40% compared to conventional systems, decreasing the carbon footprint from your project materials, freight, and on-site construction.


A tapered box beam manufactured by welding two folded halves of steel plate together to form a box. The innovative DonoBeam design reduces the amount of steel needed, without impacting on structural integrity.

Cross section diagram of a building built using DonoBeam

Bracketless Portal System

Created in 2005 constructed using cold-formed flat Z450 galvanised coil, this patented system has been designed for efficiency and appeal.

Cross section diagram of a building built using Bracketless Portal System

Client testimonial

“Coresteel created a custom-built structure which delivered on price, quality and build time. We're looking forward to taking our business to the next level in a top-quality premises.”

Paul Christie, Owner, Ten4 Engineering, Whangarei

Ready to start your next project?