Coresteel Southland Awarded 2022 Design Station Excellence

The Coresteel network recognises Southland for their ongoing effort to collaborate with the national network and keep their region running smoothly.

Since 2009, David Henderson has been running Coresteel Southland with a passion for high quality service and finding cost-efficient solutions for his clients. Always organised and transparent, David and his team have been recognised as this year’s Design Station Excellence winners.

“It was a surprise, but we’re very happy to have received this award,” David comments. “I’ve been with Coresteel for a fair while – over fourteen years now – and it’s remarkable to see the exciting growth and innovation happening throughout the network.”

This award is given annually to the Coresteel franchise that stands out for their communication skills and collaboration efforts. “It’s about giving us all the required information for a project from the beginning, so our engineers and designers can work efficiently,” explains Simon Archer, Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager. “It’s a crucial part of business management that can be very difficult to do well.”

Simon says that the Southland team has scored at the top of the network for their quick communication and response time, thoroughness, and commitment to following and upholding process standards.

“We always try to just be very polite and clear any time we’re working with the design station, or anyone else in the business. At the end of the day, it’s about delivering a great product and making sure that we resolve any problem as quickly as possible,” says David.

Consistency, speed, quality of presentation and ensuring competitive pricing are at the forefront of David’s approach. “Our clients know that working with Coresteel means getting a high quality product, so we do our best to take that to the next level. We work hard to make sure that the specific needs of our region – understanding the soil, the geography, the local council – are being taken care of to save our clients time and costs.”

“Coresteel Southland is a small but highly efficient team,” says Simon. “David knows everything that’s going on. He’s respectful and has a nice way of dealing with the designers. With a long history of experience in business, he really understands how the process works.”

The Design Station Excellence award recognises the everyday impact of good business practice. Coresteel Southland has earned the 2022 Design Station Excellence designation for their consistent, quality service and communication that helps the entire network perform better.

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