Coresteel Manawatu Awarded 2022 Regional Marketing Champions

The Coresteel network recognises Manawatu for demonstrating excellence in regional promotion, local community support, and upholding the Coresteel brand.

Since 2010, Goeff Spencer has been leading the Manawatu Coresteel franchise with integrity, professionalism, and pride. The team, based in Palmerston North, has hit remarkable growth over the last few years, according to Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager, Simon Archer.

“Beyond their sound delivery and performance, Coresteel Manawatu have built up a strong reputation in their local market and delivered some excellent marketing efforts,” says Simon.

This year, Coresteel Manawatu developed a 3D virtual tour of their impressive 1,129 sqm build for NZ Van Lines in Palmerston North. Using this creative technology to highlight the structures unique features – including a high knee height of 9m, wide clear spans, vertical hardwood timber and slats, and an office block at the front – Coresteel Manawatu was able to drive engagement and recognition for the project and their franchise.

“This was quite a smart building, and we wanted to show it off in a different way,” said Geoff. “The 3D walk-through on our website let people see the structure really well, and I think it demonstrated the capabilities of what a Coresteel building can be.”

For over a decade, this award has been given to the Coresteel franchisee who demonstrates a wide range of marketing efforts and professionalism in their region. Upholding the Coresteel values and bridging stronger connections at the national level is what sets the year’s Regional Marketing Champions apart within the franchise network.

“This team stands out for their continuous and strong contribution to the national marketing team, which helps strengthen our brand on a wider scale,” says Simon.

With many exciting projects in the pipeline right now, the Manawatu region has a busy year ahead. One of four projects underway is in a new commercial subdivision in Levin which will offer the team more opportunities for promotion with signs and logos around the building area.

When it comes to supporting the Coresteel brand, Geoff says that it all comes back to delivering an exceptional product and service to the client. “One of the most satisfying moments in this job is when someone comes to you with a sketch of a piece of paper – and then seeing all the pieces of design and engineering and building come together over months to bring that idea to fruition. That process is what keeps us excited to be here.”

Chosen by Donovan Group marketing experts, Coresteel Manawatu are the 2022 Regional Marketing Champions for their consistent, varied, and creative strength in marketing, as well as their commitment to promoting and supporting the Coresteel brand.

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