Coresteel Christchurch Awarded 2022 Highest Sales Growth

Coresteel recognises Christchurch for their impressive sales from the last year, demonstrating exceptional growth and resilience in a difficult economy.

Stephen Fitzgerald and Shaun Johnston are familiar faces within the Coresteel network, having taken over the Christchurch franchise in 2009. What has set them apart over the last year is an impressive spike in sales, and a new wave of commitment and energy brought to their region to strengthen and expand their local influence in the market.

Simon Archer, Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager, explains, “The Coresteel Christchurch team have clearly put a huge effort into their business this year, winning quite a few significant projects and boasting the highest percentage growth of 2022. This is fantastic to see, and the reason for this award recognition.”

Every year, the national Coresteel network selects the winner of Highest Sales Growth based on the metrics collected over the previous year. Coresteel Christchurch has demonstrated exceptional results with strong growth indicators across their region.

Stephen comments, “We have put a lot of effort into engaging with our consultants and internal teams this year to sharpen our game in the region. And that has led us to focus more on our marketing, on building up those long term relationships, and delivering the best possible customer service.”

According to Simon, a large part of increasing sales in a region is down to the marketshare of franchisees. “Canterbury is a large market, which means more competition, but also more room to grow. Coresteel Christchurch has really recognised the potential of their region, and their sales have started reflecting that in a big way.”

The team has stepped up their marketing, including taking on the enormous project of creating multiple case studies. Stephen says, “It has been hugely beneficial in the sales process to use these stories and leverage the experience that we have working with Coresteel in this region.”

“We really value our community, and so we try to stay involved,” says Stephen. Coresteel Christchurch actively sponsors several organisations, including Tamai Sports, a sports and education nonprofit for students in the Christchurch area.

Stephen and Shaun have demonstrated just how important regional promotion and a focus on marketshare is to growing their local brand. Their results from 2022 have recognised Coresteel Christchurch as the leading franchise when it comes to percentage sales growth – a figure that the team hopes to continue growing in years to come.

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