Coresteel Christchurch Awarded 2022 Franchise of the Year Runner Up

The strong team at Coresteel Christchurch is recognised for their tremendous growth in sales over the last year, as well as pursuing more regional marketing efforts, and upholding the Coresteel values.

When selecting winners for the top Coresteel awards, the national team considers not just how each franchise has performed in numbers, but also how they have demonstrated a commitment to the Coresteel brand in their behaviour and business practise. The Coresteel Christchurch team, led by Stephen Fitzgerald and Shaun Johnston, is being held up as this year’s Franchise of the Year Runner Up for their strong growth across every aspect of their business.

Simon Archer, Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager, comments, “Stephen and Shaun have been a part of the Coresteel network since 2009, but they have really stepped it up in a big way over the last year. From starting to focus a lot more on regional marketing to an impressive motivation to reach more sales, they are really recognising and expanding the potential of their region.”

A huge part of growth is down to the efforts made to build stronger business and client relationships within the local area. The Christchurch team has taken big strides with their local engagement, marketing and sponsorships.  They support Tamai Sports, a nonprofit getting at-risk kids involved with sports, as well as other fundraising initiatives.

“It doesn’t always feel natural to talk yourself up,” says Stephen. “But this past year, we have worked extensively with our consultants to sharpen up our game – and part of that is focusing on marketing and branding in our region.”

To develop a stronger marketing approach, Stephen and Shaun have also focused on creating case studies and gathering testimonials – which has proven incredibly effective for their sales process.

“The result of all this tremendous work from Coresteel Christchurch,” says Simon, “is winning a few impressive, significant projects over this past year. The effort is clear to see, and it is really paying off for their business.”

Coresteel Christchurch has seen some major wins over the past year, especially when it comes to client feedback and the growth of their regional influence. As one of their clients put it, “Shaun and Nicky and Stephen are an absolute privilege to work with.” This is a testament to the team’s commitment to improve, deliver results and track their successes in a way that supports the wider Coresteel brand.

“As long-time franchisees in the network, we have seen Coresteel grow and evolve over the past fourteen years,” says Stephen. “There are so many positive changes happening, and it’s great to see such a solid and helpful network continue to grow across the country.”

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