Coresteel Waikato Named 2022 Sales Team of the Year and Good Bugger Award Recipients

Coresteel Waikato is recognised for their continued excellence in sales over the last year, building a stronger Coresteel business in the Waikato region.

The Sales Team of the Year award is given to the franchisee with the best quote success and conversion rate for new commercial projects. The Waikato team takes home this award, adding it to a long history of excellence in their years with Coresteel.

Since 2008, John Morrow, Gary White and Trina White have led the Waikato Coresteel franchise with integrity, professionalism, and pride. As the first owners of a Coresteel franchise in New Zealand, the Waikato team has grown from a humble husband-and-wife duo to a well-known construction company with over 40 employees.

Simon Archer, Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager, explains, “The Waikato team are excellent with qualifying sales and enquiries, which makes their whole process more efficient and successful. They have a strong reputation in their regional market, and their detail-oriented practice means that they never miss a beat when it comes to customer service and delivery.”

Focusing on repeat business has led the Coresteel Waikato team to retain a wide range of clients – from multi-unit title buildings to custom-build warehouses and office buildings.

“We are passionate about what we do, and we work exceptionally hard to make our values – integrity, quality and delivery – shine through. We treat people the way we want to be treated; it’s that simple. ” says Trina.

As last year’s top award winners, Coresteel Waikato has long been a leader in the Coresteel network for their ongoing support to their peers across the network.

“Trina is constantly recognised in the network as someone who is always helpful, particularly with new people in the network. She goes above and beyond to make sure that people are supported, and we’re lucky to have her,” says Simon.

The Good Bugger Award, named in memory of the exceptional franchisee Grant Donaldson, is awarded to a team who are always going above and beyond to support their network and their community. Trina and Gary were close friends with Grant Donaldson. He has inspired the duo to pursue numerous community sponsorship programmes, including funding AEDs in buildings, new structures and public places.

“We were so humbled to receive the Good Bugger Award,” said Trina. “We are proud to be honouring his legacy today in many different ways. If anyone in the network needs help, we are happy to be there in a heartbeat – that’s what it’s all about to us.”

The ongoing success of the Waikato team is a result of their professional, consistent, and highly efficient approach to business, communication, and customer service. They are experts at building lasting professional relationships, getting clients to commit to projects early on, and bringing a positive, relentless work ethic to everything they do.

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