Sustainable Construction Techniques that are Turning the Industry Green

Countless trends come and go in the construction world; many fall by the wayside shortly after arrival, but some grow to become integral parts of the industry as a whole. Sustainable construction falls under the latter.

Eco-conscious building techniques are reshaping how Coresteel approaches industrial steel building construction and are quickly becoming a fundamental part of construction worldwide. Builders throughout all disciplines are using many different sustainable construction methods to create new buildings and renovate old ones. Let’s take a look at some of these techniques and how they are changing the construction industry.

Pre-fabricated Construction

Pre-fabricated construction is a building technique used to create industrial buildings faster, at more competitive rates, and with maximum resource efficiency. Pre-fabricated structures are built within a controlled environment where waste is minimised and pollution is controlled. Buildings are designed offsite, and the final product is then transported to the worksite. This process prevents environmental pollution and rubbish accumulation from occurring on-site and allows for material usage and quality to be better monitored, creating a better result for the client and the environment.

Using Sustainable Building Materials

The most popular sustainable construction technique that is being widely adopted throughout the industry is the use of sustainable materials. Sustainable materials are essentially anything sourced from local and renewable sources that can also be recycled once the building has reached its lifespan. For example, unlike timber, steel can be recycled countless times, allowing for minimal waste in the construction process. The use of steel in industrial and commercial construction plays an important role in building a sustainable future.

Through the use of sustainable materials like steel, new constructions will be more energy-efficient and produce less of a carbon footprint. It will be easier to restore or demolish the structure in the future, with less debris ending up in landfills. Using stronger, lighter, and more sustainable building materials could help solve many industry problems and push current practices toward sustainability.

Coresteel Buildings is helping to pave the way in sustainable construction through the use of the patented DonoBeam. This steel-saving box beam design reduces waste and lowers carbon emissions by up to 40%. It enables businesses to expand the possibilities of their building while having minimal impact on our environment. 

Zero Energy Construction

Zero-energy buildings are an emerging trend within the construction industry. The goal of zero energy construction is to produce as much energy as it consumes, with the ultimate goal being to have a net neutral impact on the environment. This goal is achieved by incorporating sustainable energy techniques in the construction process, such as:

  • Installing renewable energy sources such as solar and wind to power buildings.
  • Efficient ventilation systems that reduce air pollution.
  • High-quality insulation that minimises leaking air and the need for indoor heating.

Zero energy construction epitomises an entirely eco-friendly approach to building and gives us a hopeful glimpse into the construction industry’s future.

Sustainable Construction is Building a Brighter Future

Every day, more and more people are becoming concerned about a cleaner and greener environment, causing the sustainable building industry to flourish. Despite the difficulties, sustainable building can pave the way for a more environmentally friendly future. Here at Coresteel, we are committed to our environment and have become leaders in sustainable building. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and commit to sustainable construction. 

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