How Coresteel is Empowering Business Growth and Development

Coresteel’s revolutionary construction methods are helping businesses across New Zealand achieve their building goals.

We’ve completed hundreds of nationwide commercial and industrial projects for companies using two exclusive structural systems: the patented DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System. Whether you’re planning a new multi-tenant building or a stylish, modern showroom, here’s how Coresteel can help you maximise business growth and development.


Custom Builds that Stand Out

Every business is unique and has its own goals. At Coresteel Buildings, we treat each building project differently, according to each client’s specific needs. This dedication is evident in our extensive portfolio of bespoke building projects. We’ve built everything from stylish retail spaces and workshops to spacious commercial storage buildings. Our team works with you from the beginning to understand your vision and ensure that your building stands out above the competition.

We custom manufacture various aspects of your build, from the size of the structure to the choice of cladding and fixtures, so that the building accurately reflects your brand. By custom creating beautiful designs, we can help businesses of all industries attract new customers and drive further business growth.


Spacious Buildings with Room for Growth

Internal space is a crucial feature of any business premise. The more internal space you have, the smoother your day-to-day operations and the more room your business will have to grow. At Coresteel Buildings, we recognise the importance of internal space and apply it to every build. Our exclusive structural systems enable us to push the boundaries of construction with more interior space than ever before. 

We can create buildings of virtually any size or shape, whether you need ample space to store your aircraft or an extra storage unit for your work equipment. Since our structures are built without obtrusive bracing and brackets, we can deliver more usable top-to-bottom internal space. This will allow you to maximise every square metre of your building space for ultimate efficiency.


Promoting Sustainability

It’s more important than ever for businesses to show that they are environmentally responsible. Consumers across New Zealand and the world are becoming more eco-conscious and are actively searching for sustainable products and services. Businesses that share these values can attract new customers and promote their brands in a positive light. 

The construction industry is well known for contributing to material waste. Those that businesses choose to work with can therefore have a significant impact on their reputation. Coresteel Buildings has developed a positive reputation worldwide for our sustainable construction methods. Our commitment to the environment is crucial to our brand, and one of the many reasons businesses work with us. Our patented system, DonoBeam, reduces the steel needed in each build. With the volume of steel significantly reduced, DonoBeam commits to less waste and carbon emission savings of over 40%. By creating a new building with DonoBeam, we can ensure your business reduces its carbon footprint.


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