Coresteel’s One-Stop Shop Approach to the Construction Process

Choosing your building team is a big decision when planning your commercial or industrial construction project. While some businesses work with multiple contractors and suppliers for their new builds, we believe a one-stop shop is the best approach.

Coresteel Buildings is a designer, engineer, manufacturer, and builder in one package. Discover how our one-stop shop approach can benefit your business and streamline the construction process. 

How Does a One-Stop Shop Approach Work?

In construction, a one-stop shop is a business that offers a full range of products or services required for a building project.

Here at Coresteel, we created our one-stop shop approach to streamline the construction process for our clients. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand that investing in a new build is time-consuming for business owners. We aim to minimise labour time and maximise efficiency so that our clients can focus on other pressing business matters.  

Coresteel’s one-stop shop includes everything you need for your commercial building project, from hard-wearing materials and structural systems to qualified engineers, designers, and builders. Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, Simon Archer, further explains this one-stop approach.

“Our one-stop shop is about handling the entire project from conception through the design, detailing, manufacture, construction, and then final handover. So, our clients deal with one person rather than a whole lot of different outfits.”

Coresteel’s Streamlined Construction Process

Coresteel’s one-stop construction package helps solve customer challenges and drives efficiency. Our construction process takes place in four simple steps:

1. Meet with the Client

First, we’ll meet with you to discuss your business’s specific needs and requirements. Whether you’re creating a steel workshop building or a commercial storage unit, your Coresteel expert will take the time to understand your vision and goals for the project. We’ll also establish a budget and project timeline to ensure everyone is on the same page.

2. Provide an Initial Concept

Next, we’ll provide a tailored building solution for your business needs. Our in-house engineers will create a preliminary design of your building for your approval.

3. Manufacturing and Engineering

Once you’re happy with the pre-engineered concept, we’ll send you the final plans with a signed producer statement. From there, we’ll start custom-manufacturing your structure at our factory. 

4. Construction Begins

We’ll begin the construction process using our exclusive portal systems: DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal System. These innovative systems enable us to create buildings of virtually any size while maximising construction efficiency.

Why Choose a One-Stop Shop vs Multiple Contractors?

For various reasons, a one-stop shop is the best approach to any commercial building project. Here’s how our simplified construction process can benefit your business.

Save Time and Money

Commercial building projects often require tight deadlines. That’s where a one-stop approach is invaluable to the construction process. With the entire project coordinated and managed by Coresteel, you won’t waste time and money sourcing materials and services from various locations and contractors.

Clearer Communication

​Every successful industrial building project demands clear communication from the very beginning. Working with a cohesive team from one franchise is much easier than communicating with multiple contractors from different locations. It allows for more streamlined communication, reducing the risk of errors and delays.

Improved Quality Control

​Quality control is crucial in commercial construction, and we take it seriously here at Coresteel. We coordinate all products and services to ensure your project comes together seamlessly, allowing for improved quality control and consistency. Our team completes the manufacturing process in a controlled environment at our factory, taking rigorous steps to ensure the highest possible standards for each project.

Start the Construction Process Today

Ready to begin your construction project? Whether you’re building a new business workshop or a retail store, Coresteel Buildings has the experience and expertise to bring your vision to life. Enjoy the complete construction package when you work with us to maximise efficiency and reduce costs. Talk to your local Coresteel expert today to get started!

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