The Six Biggest Benefits of Building a Shed with Coresteel

Coresteel has created beautiful steel shed buildings for various clients across New Zealand. Our innovative structural systems have afforded us incredible design flexibility so that we can meet each client’s specific needs.

Are you considering building a shed for your business? Find out why so many choose Coresteel for their shed projects today!


1. Protect Your Business Assets

Coresteel’s steel shed buildings have various uses for businesses in all industries. They are a practical solution for growing businesses that require additional storage space, promising to protect your assets for many years. They can store whatever you need, from business equipment and possessions to company vehicles! 


2. Customisable Options

Have specific design ideas for your shed building? At Coresteel, we offer customisable options for every build. We’ll tailor a shed that will align with your long-term business goals. Choose your ideal length, height, width, roofline, and layout to ensure your shed meets your space requirements. You can also select from various smart colour and cladding options to find a look that best reflects your brand.  


3. Add Value to Your Property

A beautifully designed shed building can increase the value of your property when it comes time to sell. Sheds are highly functional spaces that are seeing increased demand around the world. Some buyers may be willing to pay a higher price for such buildings, and at Coresteel, we ensure that every shed building is a worthy investment.


4. Weather Resistant

Building a shed that can handle New Zealand’s ever-changing weather conditions is crucial. At Coresteel, we build all our sheds to the highest possible standards using hard-wearing steel. This enduring and highly-resistant material will protect your shed against corrosion and other harsh weather conditions. We also pre-engineer all shed buildings to withstand site-specific wind and earthquake loadings, keeping you, your workers, and your possessions safe for many years.


5. Spacious Interiors

Many think of shed buildings as small, cramped spaces. But here at Coresteel, our sheds are spacious and comfortable. We can create sheds of virtually any size or shape without reducing structural integrity. Our portal systems—DonoBeam and the Bracketless Portal Systems—offer wider, clearer spans, allowing for more usable space inside the building.


6. Minimal Environmental Impact

As an industry-leading commercial construction company, we are conscious of how our building processes affect the environment. Simon Archer, Coresteel’s Commercial Manager, explains the importance of sustainable construction. 

“Sustainability is a huge part of what businesses are looking for these days, not only in their own businesses and how they operate but also in the buildings they occupy.”

DonoBeam has played a significant role in reducing carbon emissions throughout the shed construction process. Its innovative design allows us to use less steel in our shed buildings, resulting in minimal waste and a lower carbon footprint. When you build a shed with Coresteel, you can be confident that you’re protecting our precious environment.


 Start Building Your Shed Today!

Are you ready to build your shed? Coresteel Buildings can handle the entire shed building process, from concept to completion. We’ll meet with you to discuss your vision and understand your needs, and our team of engineers and builders will bring your building to life. Contact your local Coresteel expert to discuss your project requirements. 

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