A Look Into Coresteel’s Innovative Commercial Builds

Coresteel Buildings have successfully completed a wide range of commercial building projects in locations across New Zealand. From retail spaces and office buildings to large-scale community projects, we’ve done it all. Here, we take a closer look into some Coresteel building projects and explain the unique construction methods we used to bring these projects to life.

Fully Bespoke Commercial Projects

All of Coresteel’s building projects are customised to meet our clients’ specific business needs. Whether you’re looking to build a modern-style retail store or a large University building, we have the skills, expertise, and technology to create fully bespoke designs.

Retail Spaces

Our commercial construction methods are ideal for retail spaces. We have built a wide range of retail spaces for well-known brands across New Zealand. Notable examples include:

  • Plumbing World, Invercargill.
    This building utilises our patented Bracketless Portal System and includes bird-resistant purlins in the warehouse area. The total floor area covers 1062m².
  • Placemakers, Whangarei.
    Using the Tapered Box Beam System, this commercial structure covers 2455m², and includes a warehouse, a showroom, a trade desk, ground and first level offices, training areas, and a lunchroom. This is one of many buildings Coresteel have created for Placemakers Levin around the country.
  • Stihl Shop, Te Awamutu.
    This power equipment retail store covers a floor area of 705.5m² and features 0.42 Trimrib and Greyfriars cladding.
  • ITM Store, Taupo.
    This commercial building covers a floor area of 1578m², and features an easy access drive thru, along with trade shop space of 15.5m x 30m.

Office Spaces

In addition to commercial retail spaces, Coresteel Buildings have also created beautifully designed office spaces for business owners in a range of industries:

  • The Bizline Office and Warehouse, Hamilton.
    This commercial office has a floor area of 810m², with a knee height of 5.8 metres, and features a workshop.
  • Hillcon Group Office, Whangarei.
    Built using the Bracketless Portal System, the Hillcon Group Office projects features Cedar cladding, polished concrete, speedwall, a TBB Feature entrance, reverse run cladding, and bird proof purlins.
  • Coresteel Waikato Headquarters.
    Built using the Bracketless Portal System, this impressive building features an integrated workshop, a feature glass stairwell, black acoustic ceiling tiles, and ground polished concrete floor.

Educational & Community Projects

Our educational and community projects are some of our most impressive builds to date. From school gymnasiums and supermarkets to churches, vet clinics, and sport centres, we create buildings that will leave a positive impact on the wider community. Here are just a few examples of our completed projects:

  • Massey University School of Aviation, Palmerston North.
    This project features a 576sqm Hangar and 1050sqm Stage 1 Training Centre. It is currently the only University in NZ that offers a degree in Aviation.
  • St Johns College Gymnasium.
    This spacious gymnasium features a vermin-resistant girt on the external walls, which provides the structure with an extra layer of protection.
  • St. Johns, Taupo.
    Built using the Bracketless Portal System, St Johns in Taupo features a drive through opening for vehicles and uses Titan Panel and Colorsteel Trimrib cladding.
  • Kamo Vets Clinic, Whangarei.
    This community vet clinic has a floor area of 410m² and features a Titan Façade, cedar shiplap cladding, and stained plywood soffits.
  • Bethlehem Community Church Auditorium, Tauranga.
    With a floor area covering 796m², this project features an auditorium, a canopy, and a family building. The church has become an important part of the Tauranga community.

These examples don’t even begin to cover our extensive range of commercial projects. View our commercial project gallery to explore our full range.

Industrial Building Projects

Coresteel Buildings also specialises in industrial building construction, which is a subset of commercial construction. Industrial buildings are primarily used in the manufacturing process but are also commonly used for the storage of equipment, tools, and raw materials. Coresteel has created a vast number of large-scale industrial buildings for clients in various industries. From factories and distribution warehouses to workshops and transport depots, our industrial buildings provide the internal space needed for all types of behind-the-scenes business processes. View our industrial building projects gallery to learn more about Coresteel’s building projects.

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