7 Reasons to Use Steel for Your Commercial Build

Planning your next commercial build? Whether you’re building a retail space, an office, or an educational building, structural steel is the ideal material choice in commercial construction. Here, we break down the top 7 benefits of using steel in construction.

1. Reduced Carbon Emissions

Using steel for your commercial build not only has wide-reaching benefits for your business, but for the environment as well. Steel production has evolved hugely over the years, which has allowed for a significant reduction in carbon emissions – especially in comparison to materials such as timber and concrete. The use of locally manufactured steel in commercial construction will ultimately help New Zealand achieve a net zero future.

2. Sustainability

Steel is an eco-friendly construction material that has long been used in green production. Its ability to be reused and recycled over time without compromising quality or structure has made it one of the world’s most sustainable materials. All steel waste can be recovered and recycled after construction is done, resulting in zero steel wastage.

3. Superior Strength & Durability

Steel is a high-strength material that is designed to last in extreme conditions, making it a safe structural option for your business. It is highly resistant to strong winds, earthquakes, and environmental hazards like corrosion. No matter the weather or location, your commercial steel building will maintain its robust shape and design for many years to come. Coresteel’s steel builds have a lifespan of 50 years, which is much greater than our nearest industry competitors. An emphasis on steel building construction ultimately sends the message that your building is high-quality, trustworthy, and reliable – which will add value to your business.

4. Flexibility to Customise

If you want your commercial business to stand out in a competitive market, it is crucial that your building is unique, true to your brand, and well-designed. Steel is one of the most adaptable and flexible materials in commercial construction, offering more customisation opportunities for your commercial build. At Coresteel Buildings, we use two steel frame building systems to create customised commercial buildings for our clients: The patented Bracketless Portal System and DonoBeam. Our unique structural steel systems allow us to create buildings of any size and shape to fit your exact requirements, without compromising structural integrity.

5. More Internal Space

Commercial steel building construction generally allows for more internal space thanks to wider spans. Coresteel’s DonoBeam has no knee or apex braces and offers clear spans of up to 75m, which allows our clients to make the most of their commercial building. Having more usable space within a commercial building is essential for fast-growing businesses that need to adapt to meet demands.

6. Faster Construction Process

The speed of steel building construction is much faster than traditional building methods. At Coresteel Buildings, each steel structure is prefabricated at our NZ manufacturing plant before it is delivered to site, which allows for a fast and efficient construction process. The ease and speed of the construction process mean that labour times are reduced, and less staff is needed for each build. This allows businesses to save money on labour costs, which will make a huge difference to the project’s overall cost.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

A good commercial building isn’t just about functionality and strength – they also need to look good. Steel buildings have an attractive visual appeal that looks great in any setting, whether it be in a busy city or a rural area. They are simple, yet elegant – and they won’t lose their modern appearance over time thanks to steel’s longevity. With plenty of design flexibility, our team have the freedom to create unique steel buildings that will attract a range of clients and customers.

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