Top 5 Reasons Why the Transport Industry is Choosing Coresteel

Building for the transport industry brings with it a number of unique challenges. Here are the top five reasons why customers are choosing Coresteel Buildings.

Reducing obstacles

When heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses are involved, it makes sense to reduce the number of obstacles drivers have to navigate. Coresteel’s Bracketless Portal System and DonoBeam structural system both allow for extensive spans without the need for obtrusive knee braces, apex braces, and props. For the transport industry, the DonoBeam offers our most impressive spans of over 75m. With few or zero props and no bracing in the ceiling, drivers have ample space to manoeuvre and the complete floor and ceiling space can be utilised for racking.

The Bracketless Portal System was used for the Mainfreight Taupo Depot.

Flexibility to expand

The transport industry in New Zealand fluctuates year to year and companies who choose to build new premises need to know that if business improves further, their new steel building can be upsized to suit, without too much trouble. During the design process, important engineering and detailing decisions can be made to allow a building to be very easily extended in the future.

Bird and vermin-resistant

Soiling from roosting birds and pesky vermin can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to stored goods. Coresteel offers the option of bird resistant purlins and flashings, which removes the areas where birds would typically perch and where vermin can run along. The DonoBeam portals are also completely bird-resistant due to their tapered, sealed shape. A vermin-resistant girt can also be used to remove the small gap between the flashing and foundations, preventing vermin from sneaking in. A steel building built without these features will create problems for years, with post-construction remedies being costly.

Ability to keep ‘on-brand’

The ability to include company branding and colours in a structure of a steel building for the transport industry can be ‘make or break’ when choosing a construction company. During the recent construction of the Mainfreight Depot in Taupo, the ability to incorporate the company’s corporate colours was essential. ‘Mainfreight blue’ was incorporated into the wall cladding, portals, and a number of the roller shutter doors. Large signage features on three of the walls and is backlit for 24-hour visibility. With customisation in mind, any building can be branded to the exact corporate requirements.

Commercial Diesel features a variety of special features unique to the transport industry.

Made to measure

Every one of Coresteel’s buildings is designed and engineered to the exact specifications required by the client. This means that each building is 100% unique. Floors are engineered to suit the loads they will endure, door sizes and types are specified for your needs, and features such as heavy lifting equipment and service pits can be incorporated into the design as required. And your steel building won’t be just a shell – offices and staff amenities can be included in the design, to cater to any sized company.

What has Coresteel built so far in the transport industry?

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