Customising Your Steel Storage Unit for Efficiency

Is your business experiencing rapid growth? Coresteel's innovative commercial storage units are helping businesses across New Zealand optimise their space to meet increasing demands.

Whether you’re dealing with expanding inventory, larger equipment, or the need for more streamlined operations, our steel storage solutions can significantly enhance efficiency and productivity. So, how do you ensure your unit meets its full space potential? Discover tips for customising your commercial storage space below, from strategic zoning plans to effective space utilisation.

Tips for Maximising Efficiency

Strategic Layout

The layout of your storage unit significantly impacts how efficiently you can use the space. A well-considered layout can minimise wasted space and improve access to stored items. The following features can help ensure long-term business efficiency.

Optimal Zoning: Different zones within your unit can help create an organised, safe, and efficient space that supports optimal operational performance. We recommend zoning based on the type of items stored and their usage frequency. You could do this by dividing the unit into receiving and shipping areas, high-frequency zones, medium-frequency zones, long-term storage zones, specialised storage areas, and workspace zones.

Future-proofing: Storage requirements grow as businesses expand. A future-proof design ensures that the storage unit remains adaptable, cost-effective, and capable of handling growth and technological advancements, all while supporting smooth, uninterrupted operations.

How Does Coresteel Approach Storage Unit Layouts?

At Coresteel, we understand that different businesses have specific layout requirements. Our highly customisable designs allow businesses to create layouts that suit their operational needs.

We’ll discuss your layout requirements in the initial planning and design phase to ensure the most efficient and effective use of your space. We’ll work with you to develop custom zoning plans that align with your inventory types and workflow.

We also design our layouts with the future in mind, ensuring that your storage unit can adapt to changes in your business. Our scalable layouts allow easy expansion or reconfiguration as your storage needs evolve.

Efficient Space Utilisation

Internal space can make all the difference in maximising storage unit efficiency. Features that contribute to better space utilisation include:

High Roofs: High ceilings allow for tall shelving units and racks to be installed, effectively utilising vertical space. This maximises storage capacity without increasing the unit’s footprint, making it ideal for storing bulk items or equipment that requires substantial headroom.

Wide Door Openings and Aisles: Wide and high door openings facilitate easy access for large machinery and equipment, improving the flow of goods in and out of the storage unit. This feature is ideal in commercial and industrial settings where large items must be transported frequently. Aisles should also be wide enough for easy movement of people and other equipment. Maintain unobstructed pathways to facilitate efficient navigation and quick access to all storage areas.

No Obstructions: Clear, open interior space maximises unit usability. Avoiding unnecessary columns and structural obstructions allows for flexible storage arrangements and easy navigation within the unit.

How Does Coresteel Ensure Maximum Space Efficiency?

Coresteel’s unique tapered box beam technology sets us apart from many commercial construction companies today. This clever system produces larger, clearer spans and higher ceilings without obstructive internal columns. With unobstructed space, businesses have the freedom to utilise every inch effectively.

This design approach optimises storage capacity, facilitates efficient material handling, enhances safety, and offers the flexibility to adjust the layout as operational needs evolve.

How Businesses Are Thriving with Coresteel’s Steel Unit Projects

Coresteel’s steel unit projects have proven to be game-changers in various industries. Here’s how different industries are benefiting from Coresteel’s innovative steel storage solutions:

Logistics Companies: Boosting Warehouse Efficiency

Logistics companies can rely on our storage units to manage the efficient flow of goods through their supply chains. Coresteel has built expansive storage units for various businesses in the logistics industry, featuring high ceilings and wide spans.

Manufacturing Plants: Streamlining Production

Coresteel’s custom steel units are perfect for manufacturing plants, accommodating heavy machinery, raw materials, and finished products. You can reconfigure these flexible layouts to match changing production demands, reducing downtime and improving workflow. These robust storage solutions ensure smooth operations, higher output, and cost savings.

Retailers: Enhancing Inventory Management

Retail businesses enjoy Coresteel’s secure, durable storage units, which protect inventory from environmental factors. The organised layouts facilitate easy access, enabling efficient stock management and reducing inventory losses. This leads to better restocking times and improved customer satisfaction.

Boost Your Business Efficiency with Coresteel

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