Hi, I'm Joel from Coresteel Taranaki.

Coresteel Buildings is your one-stop shop for commercial and industrial construction in New Zealand.

We’re known for delivering unique design and build solutions for commercial buildings and farm and lifestyle sheds, catering to a spectrum of diverse clients and sectors. Our exclusive steel structural systems – the Bracketless Portal System and DonoBeam – allow us to expand the building possibilities and construction efficiency, without compromising structural integrity.

Innovation is a key part of our approach to building. We can offer you a smarter, more cost-effective building solution to meet your individual needs. Get in touch with us today to start planning your new construction project.

Our team has taken on construction projects of all sizes and spans. With a focus on commercial, industrial and residential projects, Joel and the team are leaders in tailored building solutions. Whether you need a modern office, multi-purpose workshop or a large warehouse, Coresteel Taranaki will deliver a unique solution that is customised to your specific needs. 

From the outset, Coresteel Taranaki will work alongside you to identify your business or lifestyle needs and manage each element of your project. From design and consents to engineering and construction, we will ensure everything is completed to the highest standards of strength and durability. For a quality building you will be proud to call yours, get in touch with the Taranaki team today.

Key Projects