Coresteel South Canterbury Sponsor NZ Young Farmer of the Year

The Coresteel brand was front and centre when seven young farmers went head-to-head to build a shed, at the NZ Young Farmer of the Year competition earlier this month.

The event was held at Caroline Bay, Timaru on 8 July. Coresteel South Canterbury (operated by Harding Construction) coordinated and provided the carpentry activity for the Head to Head challenge.

The seven regional finalists had 25 minutes to build ‘Granny’s woodshed’ from pre-cut supplies. The prototype stood covered with a tarpaulin in the centre of the ring, giving the contestants an idea of the size and shape of the shed, but not the details.

The prototype was revealed to the contestants with just 10 minutes to go, allowing a small amount of time to make any changes if needed.

“One competitor, whose woodshed was significantly different to the original, wryly quipped “The prototype is clearly wrong” and with a grin, committed himself to his more ‘creative’ design,” says Heather Harding, Marketing Manager, Coresteel Buildings South Canterbury.

While the shed was basically a jigsaw, the event was designed to challenge the competitors’ organisational, problem-solving and practical building skills. It was possible, but difficult, to complete it within the 25-minute timeframe.

“The contestants put in a great effort, but the challenge proved too tough and none managed to complete their woodsheds before the buzzer went off. Logan Wallace of Otago/Southland won the event, scoring points for quality of workmanship and for getting the most work completed,” says Heather.

Athol New, representing the Aorangi region, was the ultimate winner of the 2016 Young Farmer of the Year competition.

“Coresteel South Canterbury is proud to have been involved with the challenge and we congratulate all the contestants on a terrific competition. Our hearty congratulations go to Athol New.”

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