Coresteel Central Plateau Awarded 2021 Design Station Excellence

The Coresteel network recognises Central Plateau for continually going above and beyond to communicate clearly with the national network, and keep their franchise running efficiently.

Logan Frew and Lee Parker-Frew have been running Coresteel Central Plateau with integrity and professionalism since 2015. Always friendly, organised and clear, it’s no surprise that this is the third time Central Plateau has received the Design Station Excellence award. The small but strong team has completed a range of big-ticket commercial projects, contributing to architectural growth in the Taupo area.   

“We put a lot of focus into building relationships with our incredible Coresteel network, our contractors, and our passionate clients,” says Lee. “At the end of the day, those meaningful, strong relationships are what make our work enjoyable.”

This award is given annually to the Coresteel franchise that stands out for their communication skills and collaboration efforts. “It’s about giving us all the required information for a project from the beginning, so our engineers and designers can work efficiently,” explains Simon Archer, Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager. “It’s a crucial part of business management that can be very difficult to do well.” 

The Central Plateau team has overcome difficult challenges in the past two years with material shortages, pandemic-related delays, and changing industry conditions. They express a deep gratitude for the wider Coresteel network for their continued support and camaraderie through uncertain times. Lee explains, “The national group is really what has gotten us through these last couple of years successfully.”

Coresteel Central Plateau focuses heavily on transparent communication, maintaining strong relationships, and a true passion for building unique, quality structures. 

Simon Archer, Coresteel Buildings Commercial Manager describes the team as, “always clear, concise, and ahead of the game. Lee and Logan are simply a dream to work with for Design Station staff. They follow every process with accuracy and efficiency, resulting in smooth project management. They’re respectful, friendly, patient, understanding, and well-organised.”The Design Station Excellence award recognises the everyday resilience of good business practice. Coresteel Central Plateau has earned the 2021 Design Station Excellence designation for their work every day to make their business and the wider Coresteel group a rewarding place to work and grow.

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