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Retail Building
8 bays, bridge between buildings to expand usable space, a canopy.

As global leaders in quality wood chipping and shredding machinery, HANSA is proud to be Kiwi-owned and operated, delivering top-quality innovation, products and customer service. Coresteel Buildings Waikato has been thrilled to partner with HANSA’s reputable and experienced professionals who bring integrity into everything they do. 

HANSA building by Coresteel Wellington


In 2019, it was time for the growing team at HANSA to expand their manufacturing space to pave the way for more output and better efficiencies.  

Martin Vogel, HANSA’s New Zealand Managing Director explained, “We considered various options for this extension, but quickly decided on working with Coresteel Waikato. I loved the product as soon as I saw it.” 

However, soon after the extension was completed, the unthinkable happened – a fire decimated their main 16,000 sqm manufacturing and office buildings.  

Trina and Gary White, owners and operators of Coresteel Waikato, arrived at the site on the day of the fire. “It was horrible to see,” said Trina. “All of their pre-existing areas were completely destroyed. It took a lot of coordination and planning with Martin, his wife Kate, and the HANSA team to figure out the next steps.”  

This Hamilton site is HANSA’s New Zealand manufacturing hub, so it was essential to get the HANSA team back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible following the fire. 

Assessing the damage showed that the new 2500 sqm Coresteel extension was structurally unharmed but experienced light smoke damage.  

“It’s really a testament to the Coresteel product,” said Martin. “The building right next to it was stripped back to bare bones – but the new extension was okay.” 

Together, HANSA and Coresteel Waikato developed a plan to rebuild the entire manufacturing site to create even more operational space with a more efficient design. 

Part of the design process is always understanding what a client requires by digging into their business, their brand, and their operational needs. For HANSA, there was the need to provide for even more efficiency and growth potential. 

In January 2023, after we finished the demolition and refurbishment of the 1440 sqm gap between the extension and office building, we got everything under one roof by designing a ‘bridge’ to connect the area,” said Trina.  

The design features a bridge plus a canopy which will mean more space for equipment and operational flow.  

By leveraging the design capabilities of 1440 sqm of DonoBeam, this structure will feature impressive clear spans. “These spans make things so much easier for us,” said Martin. “We don’t have to plan the design based on the layout of our equipment. We will be able to operate day-to-day knowing that we can maneuver our trucks without issue.” 

Although this project will finish with a widely different structure than the original plan, the HANSA team is looking forward to a space that will carry them through growth for the next ten years.  

Trina and Martin both agree – it has been the strong partnership between HANSA and Coresteel Waikato that has made this project’s transformation such a success every step of the way. 

“Coresteel Waikato works like a family. They have open communication, and very strong capability within their team. They take on ownership and responsibility in a way that you just know you’re being well looked after,” said Martin. 

Coresteel and the Waikato team take great pride in contributing to the rebuilding of HANSA’s manufacturing facility – enabling a leading-edge, New Zealand-owned brand to establish a facility that surpasses its previous capabilities. We look forward to seeing what achievements lie ahead for HANSA in their expanded and enhanced space. 

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